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  1. I have had Vonage for over 5 months now with a hicup when I first tried to hook it up. I bought an adapter from a large box store and had to return it because it was DOA. I asked Vonage which adapter was the lease troublesome and they said the Motorola V1000. I went searching for one and got the last one available at Radio Shack. No problems here but make sure you try out the Vonage speed test http://www.vonage-forum.com/voip-speed-test.html to check your dsl. Porting your old number can be a nightmare for some folks to Vonage. I only had to wait the 20 days and it was switched over but others have had 8 month waits! Enhanced 911 will soon be available on VOIP according to the FCC chairman. Can you get "Naked DSL" with verizon? (no working number just dsl?) I reccomed that you go to the Vonage forums http://www.vonage-forum.com/forums.html and read thru the posts there. Keep in mind those posters are usually the ones having problems and you don't see too many positive posts. I am saving over $50 per month not having Qwest and AT&T (my long distance) and only 1 outage (2hours) that I know of. Line quality depends alot on your broadband connection. There customer service is getting better from what I have read. youneverknow
  2. I have been trying all day to get the upgrade with no luck what so ever. I guess their servers are really busy...my update screen just sits there and blinks at me. I'll try later like 3 am west coast time maybe that will work
  3. Well I guess Wendy's is trying to get people to their eateries by offering a FREE Frosty this weekend. If you have more than 1 Wendy's in your town you could probably OD on these Here is the link: http://www.wendys.com/w-1-0.shtml youneverknow
  4. Yea in the last 3 days I have experienced the same problems...I'm glad (or not) that I am not the only one having those issues. I get that flood control thing or a blank page about 7 out of 10 times....a little frustrating youneverknow
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