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  1. Jeez, I've been using it for years for scanning and image resizing but I never knew it had a screen capture function! Learn something new everyday.
  2. You can also use any program you wanted if you have an SMTP server on your computer. Messages are sent directly to the receipient from your machine and bypasses your mail server on total choice or your ISP. I use a FREE one called FreeSMTP from http://www.softstack.com
  3. I don't know but if the site loaded any faster I wouldn't have been able to tell. It came up almost instantly and I am on a 768k DSL line here at work.
  4. For the price it's probably one of the best PDA's on the market. I am partial to Sony PDA's myself and have the UX50.
  5. Have any of you tried www.esellerate.com?
  6. If you are looking for a mailing list mailer that can handle HTML email, I use Mail Bomber from www.softheap.com
  7. Just wanted to come back and thank the TCH support staff again. It was a serious problem that hopefully is over with. This domain name is about 10 years old and it gets tons of bogus SPAM email to non-existent users of the domain. This was crashing the server. TCH has written a filter to remedy the problem with the incoming email. Thanks again! Rock Sign I would recommend TCH to anyone wanting to host a personal or commercial web site. Thumbs Up
  8. Thanks guys for getting it turned back on. Hopefully this won't happen again. TCH rocks!
  9. It's been over 5 hours since I opened a help ticket and it's still unanswered. This is so unusual for TCH. One of our accounts www.siriusgt.com has been suspended and I don't know why or when it will be back up. This is a corporate account and I need an answer as to when this will be looked into. Your support and response time was the main reason I talked the owner of our company to switch to TCH. I'm very frustrated at this point. Can anyone look into this for me? Please?
  10. Try valign="top" in your table cells Sorry, I thought you were asking about HTML.
  11. I've created a new folder and used Web Protect in cPanel to provide security. I also added a user and password so that the folder can be accessed. That all works but here's my problem. The user that I added is not appearing in the user list. What did I do wrong? I see that the password file (.htpasswd) is now stored in the root folder under an htpasswd folder and my folder name that I protected. My question is: Why can't I see the user I added in the list? How do I delete the user or change the password if I can't see them?
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