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  1. Some TCH customers may have noticed that when they connect their FTP clients to their TCH servers there is a 10-second delay before the FTP server gives the login prompt. (It's most noticeable when using FTP clients that display the text of the login sequence. Others such as Dreamweaver just say something like, "Server not responding...please wait.") If it happens to you it’s because you’re sitting behind a NAT device on your home or office network and because your TCH server is running an FTP server called ProFTPD. (A router that shares your internet connection among multiple computers
  2. How do I use SSL on TotalChoice Hosting's servers? I have several accounts on several servers, but on none of my accounts do I see anything like an SSL directory. Does anyone know how to do it?
  3. In fact, the point of Contribute is to limit what your users can do to your pages. It is more a content management tool than a content creation tool (except that you can create new pages based on templates).
  4. If you're beginning web designer why not look at a tool like Macromedia Dreamweaver MX? It accomplishes what you're looking for in a way that's very easy to understand graphically. In DW MX you use templates to standardize site layout. A template defines a largely immutable page design with sections such as the textual content and title of the page that can be filled in by you or another user. And it's fully PHP compatible (even has PHP code coloring and a PHP reference built in). Many people at this point will say, "I only use <insert manly text editor here>!" To that I say so
  5. How about the most useful web utility site? The contest could be to create a page (or maybe several pages) that performed some useful function for a visiting surfer (e.g., netmask calculator, postcard sender, online teen diary [those things are popular], etc...) that any webmaster could plug into his/her site. The script should be useful, easy to plug into an existing web site, and efficient. In that order.
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