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  1. I have to admit, the FDISK was very confusing. Maybe I went wrong somewhere? When I displayed the Partition information I saw the following: PARTITION STATUS TYPE MBYTES SYSTEM USEAGE C: 1 A PRIDOS 9758 FAT16 100% 2 EXTDOS 1741 18% Total Disk space is 9766 Mbytes The extended DOS partition contains Logical DOS Drives Then on another screen it said E: Total extended DOS Partition size is 1741 Does that help or make any sense? The computer is shut down for now until I can figure out what to do. Running the System Restoration DISK is getting me to the same place every time now... not ready runtime error 152 at 0000;65F6. a:\>y
  2. OK... put system restore disk in, went thru the screen to allow the format and when I pressed Y for format not ready runtime error 152 at 0000;65F6. a:\>y must have done something else wrong.
  3. OK doing that now... fingers crossed!
  4. Bob- Do I boot with the System Restoration CD or the Operating System Backup CD? Thanks!
  5. LOL OK this is really confusing.... setting the partitions. I'm just clueless here. I finally got to FDISK. Did it.... set the partition (I suppose). Now it's saying the FDISK screen again. So I've ESC out of there. As it said I needed to restart. It just takes me to A:\ when I ESC out of FDISK. Now I'm restarting the system to see what will happen.
  6. Madmanmcp: No, I put the System Restoration Disk into the CD ROM. I was not sure how to get to DOS from that disk. How do I do that? When I put the System Restoration Disk in it asks me if I want to boot from the CD ROM or the Hard Drive. I choose CD ROM and it sends me through a bunch of pre-programmed screens. In one of the screens it does say that my hard drive is not formatted and would I like to do that.... i press F1 to continue w/ format. Then it ran through the format. We are here doing the process again, and when it goes to format the drive, it freezes and gives some not ready message. Thanks for the help!
  7. Ok back at this beast again. Went thru the install CD, the drive is stepped through a format and it asked me if I wanted to install Windows, to which I said YES. Everything was fine until it told me to take out the System Restore CD ROM and the computer restarted. The process screens specifically told me to take out the CD ROM and that it would reboot and continue with the installation of the OS. So I did that, and now I'm back at this silly line: Type the name of the Command Interpreter (e.g. C\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM) C> OK so then I typed in c> cd dos and it said Type the name of the Command Interpreter (e.g. C\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM) C> So then I typed in c> fdisk And it spits this out Type the name of the Command Interpreter (e.g. C\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM) C> It's just not budging. So what should I attempt to do next?
  8. Hey Andy and Dick.... Using the included .tpl worked. I just added a div at the top and it's working the way I'd like it to now. >h##p://www.natalie-brown.com/contact/index.php Now I need to get CAPTCHA to work! Whooo heeee! Fun fun fun! LOL Thanks guys!
  9. Let me play with that option. Might just be the easiest thing to do instead of doing the include. Will let you know what i find.... Thanks!
  10. Andy, You've just reminded me! I think the host does the PHP through CGI or something. I can't recall the exact wording. I do remember encountering some issue with Joomla and templates and they said something about PHP being compiled thru CGI (this is probably the wrong terminology). Let me see if I can find that old mail that says exactly what. Can you PM me your email addy? I'll send you the files as a zip. Perhaps it would be easier to do what Dick says? I just want the header and there is nothing else fancy going on. What do you think?
  11. Hi Andy- Here is a link to the .txt of the .php >h##p://www.natalie-brown.com/contact.php.txt This is the tables version. If I can find a way to make it work with DIVs I'd rather do that tho. I just got so frustrated I went to tables. Got your PM and will reply.... just gotta get brekkie for my boyfriend and I... rather late night last night LOL Thanks!
  12. Merry Christmas Don... I know your floating out there somewhere....
  13. Hi All, I'm scratching my head here.... I have been testing a new contact forum (Stadtaus Form) and I am trying to use the method they outline for a PHP include to call the form into my own page. I want to put a simple graphic header before the form. I used a DIV to place the header and the form and for some reason, no matter what, the form came before the header even tho the header was called first and the form second. So I decided to do an experiment and put everything in a table (not my first choice!). Odd thing is, the same thing happens. You can see it live here: >h##p://www.natalie-brown.com/contact/contact.php Any idea why the header is not coming first and the form will not budge from there? Any help or hints would be appreciated. An early Merry Christmas!
  14. Dick, thanks for this very helpful info. I'm just gonna have to wing the agreement. I appreciate it!
  15. Hi all, My brother wants to transfer his domain name to his former bandmate. I suggested that to make sure things are tidy, he should sign some sort of contract stating that he is giving/transfering the ownership of the domain name to his former bandmate and that he will not make claims to it. The domain was registered thru TCH and I have all the account info. Does anyone know of a contract that would be good to use for this sort of thing? Also, if my Mum is on the billing info for the domain, who would I talk to about switching everything over to the bandmate once the contract is signed? Would I just go into the main account and change the info to him and have him put in a payment method? Thanks for any help you can give!
  16. Hi Guys! I'm going to have a crack at this hopefully on the weekend. Will let you know how I make out. Thank you SO much for the help!
  17. Hi Madmanmcp! What I have are the System Restoration CD from Gateway and the OS Backup. Will these help me at all? On the disc it says: Contains: Partial Backup of system software Hardware drivers Windows 2000, Windows 98 or Windows 95 restoration program NT4.0 Driver Locator Utility When I look at the disc in my other computer I do see that in the DOS folder there is FDISK.exe. I will have to figure out how to get to DOS to run FDISK.exe Do I have to type in RUN FDISK.exe or just FDISK I hope to tackle this today sometime, at least some time this week. Thanks for the massive clues!
  18. OK I just found this: >h**p://support.microsoft.com/kb/255867 Will try it today. Thanks for telling me about fdisk! NEVER would have known that! LOL
  19. eek! I think you are right. How does FDISK work? I found this page: >h**p://www.computerhope.com/fdiskhlp.htm But not sure what command to use and where do I do that? I basically stopped after re-wiping the drive yesterday. I will try to tackle it again today or tomorrow. Thanks Madmanmcp! You always seem to save me from my computer! LOL
  20. OK re-wiping with Paragon, then will start w/ System Restoration disc and do this again. This time with success, I hope! It will take an hour and a half to properly wipe the drive (it uses some US Navy standard to do it w/ multiple passes). Will post back later on.
  21. Hi Thomas! It was English! Thanks. I appreciate so much you helping out That is the first page I read this morning. I'm going from an old Windows 98 CD that came with Gateway and they say to start off with the system restore disc. When I pop in the Windows 98 Operating System Backup Disc the following happens: I boot from the CD ROM It says starting Windows 98 Start Windows 98 Setup from CD ROM Then it says: It is suggested that you begin the installation of Windows 98 from using the Gateway System Restoration CD. This will ensure that all the appropriate drivers are loaded. Are you sure you want to begin installing Windows 98 using this CD [Y,N]? I pressed Y Got this message: An error occurred while reading or writing to drive C Try the operation again Fail the operation So I chose to fail the operation. I'm thinking I might take the Paragon disc again and re-wipe. Then try this whole thing again. For some reason something is wrong with C it seems. No idea what tho. An error is being detected, but it doesn't say what error. Strange!
  22. Hmmmm, no luck. I keep getting "Not Ready". Why isn't it ready? LOL Am I not speaking to it nicely enough?
  23. LOL Well that just takes me to a black screen that says: Gateway System Restoration CD copyright info A:\> So obviously, F10 isn't the way to go. So now I'll power down and try the F1 option again, see if i get lucky!
  24. OK went back to booting from the System Restoration Disc. It keeps saying that my drive is not formatted and would I like to format my hard drive now. I'm thinking logically, yes, of course I must have the drive formatted to continue. Is this a correct assumption? The options it gives me are: If Yes, press F1 to continue. If No, press f10 to Exit to MS-DOS Prompt. Now I've been the F1 route before, and it's not working. So I'm going to try the F10 option and see what it does.... Will post back w/ update.
  25. OK, I just tried, for the heck of it to boot from the hard disc, and take the System Restoration CD out. I got this: Type the name of the Command Interpreter (e.g. C\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM C> So I typed in: command.com And it gave me this line again: Type the name of the Command Interpreter (e.g. C\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM C> I'll keep trying things and posting them here as I do them in hopes I can shed light on what I'm obviously doing wrong! LOL
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