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  1. OK cool! It'll be a TCH Pizza and Beer party. That sounds like fun! I'll learn some pizza ditties and we'll have a rollicking good time! Oh and I see Thomas lurking down there. Join in on the fun. Where's a pizza icon when u need one! LOL
  2. Bruce, So could a Joomla site be viewed well on a PDA? I noticed that Comcast has a neat page here: >h##p://m.comcast.net/ I notice everything is quite small and flushed left. Is there a good width to make a mobile friendly page? How many pixels wide is the general PDA device? This is so cool, I can't wait to dig into this to provide mobile peepz with something cool to use. I guess I keep the features light right?
  3. OK PM me the addresses! I'm serious. Or if you all get together, you could have a College Pizza Party! But you'd have to BYOB! LOL
  4. Ha ha... I call this "Back from College" because that's what TCH-Andy said it was like. I started with TCH in 2003. Had a few sites and never really had many problems. 2 years or so ago, I found myself with nearly 10 sites and needed more space than the TCH Reseller program offered for my budget. I switched to another company that promised 'failover' hosting, which I really needed. Well thousands of issues later with my host.... I am moving back to TCH. This was a grand lesson for me. I think I've spent more time with support with this last host than I ever have in my whole life. Problems with email, failing servers, so called Failover pretty much nonexistent, blacklisted IP for goodness only knows why, unable to see my sites because of this blacklisting... I could go on. I have to say they always tried their best to help, but after so much downtime and just so much frustrating crap just to keep my sites up... I'm done with it. I can't handle that much frustration and a company not delivering on their promise that made me switch to them. TCH just upped the reseller package, so now I have enough room for my sites and I'm even saving a few bucks. So the college girl is coming home. Hoping not to get a spanking for leaving! LOL The cool thing is that even when I left here, I was always treated like family, and I really appreciate that. Who do I send the college pizza to? LOL LOL
  5. Well it's up now and Dad is happy. So that is great. Thank you as usual for all the help. I sure learn a lot around here!
  6. Hi all, I'm working on my new web site, and I'd like to include a PDA friendly version. For designing PDA sites, do I just have to keep the HTML simple, use low-res graphics and avoid JavaScript and CSS? Or can CSS be used for styling and positioning? Also, if I were to put a link to streaming audio, say an M3U file, then could the person with the PDA play that? Any knowledge you have about PDA sites would be useful. I found a link at About.com that was pretty good, but not super in depth. Thankies!
  7. Swift! Wow, Montgomery Mall, to Indonesia to the UK.... that is a little jaunt across a few ponds! My Uncle used to live in Birmingham actually. My family is from the UK. Do you like it there? Did you ever visit the Frederick Airfield? My boyfriend and I like to drive by there. Airfields are so much fun. I wish I could learn to fly. I had a lovely skydiving adventure a few years ago and went up in a little plane and loved it. I am also surprised at how much I see Gaithersburg... funny how you think it's just the tiniest place, but so many people know of it. I don't know the all you can eat place, so I can't help you there. Bethesda itself is changing so much. In fact, you wouldn't recognize parts of it. Silver Spring has totally been revitalized from the hood into a pretty cool place also. Maryland is growing and changing so much! I hope you find your restaurant! Take care!
  8. Hi Swift! Thanks so much for having a listen. To me, it's Christmas every day! LOL Oh wow, that's cool you were in Bethesda. It's a fun place to hang out now as they have a cute little 'downtown'. Where are you now? New music coming in the Spring, so pls. feel free to sign up for the mailing list. The link to it is on that page you visited. I really appreciate the comment. Have a super Saturday!
  9. Hi Guys! OK, well I'm going to have to see what's going on when I have my pennies saved. I really just wanted to get a feel for the price and it looks like I can get what I need for 600-900. I am really hoping Vista gets better by the time I purchase as I am sure that by then there won't be any OEM XP Home OS's available. I think it will be good to keep an eye out for stuff to see what's going on. I just have no clue about laptops as I've never researched them to know what to look for. But it seems pretty straightforward. I am not so up on brands of laptop.... I am assuming the same as boxes: Dell, Gateway, HP, Compaq, Sony Vaio... are there any others I should look for? Perhaps lesser well known brands that are good? So basically any laptop is going to give me the ability to hook in at a wireless spot to check mail etc? Or do I need to get some kind of service? I'm a bit clueless about the wireless stuff. Thanks so much for the pointers, as always, you are so helpful.
  10. Hi Guys! Ok so my instinct to stay away from used/refurbished is right. That's good to know. My boyfriend just got a super Dell laptop, but it was up there! I did configure a Dell w/ XP, but my fear is that by the time I get one (end of yearish), XP won't be available. I'm crossing my fingers that Vista will be more stable and run with more apps. by then. Right now it's just a nightmare to deal with. Esp. if you have older programs. Bob- I did read quite a bit that getting a Vista box and then downgrading to XP is a nightmare... I'd like to stay away from nightmares if at all possible. What speed of processor would be good to say run 3 or 4 of those apps. I listed above and do you think I can get away with 1GB RAM? Thanks all!
  11. Bob! I think it's solved. I added in the missing end div and removed the other div and it's working now. My goodness, I can't believe I missed this. I wish there was a closing div checker. I seem to do this all the freaking time! LOL I can't thank you and Andy enough for being the seeing eyes while mine were blind. Actually this gave me an idea. You know when you work on a site... usually you miss these little things because you've just looked at it so much? Someone should start a code checker club where members check code for each other to see things that other people are blind to. When you are so close to a project you often become blind to things. I don't know why this is. But anyway, just a werid idea I had. Thanks again all! I think it's case solved. Just have to check all the XHTML errors, but I'll have to get with the guy who coded the CMS to help on that as much of that is his code. One thing that puzzled me was this error: So P is not defined in XHTML? That is confusing to me. But anyway, that's a whole other ball of code... LOL
  12. Hi Bob, Yes I realized that the guy had put in the fixed height and I didn't know it was there till I saw the CSS. I thought changing the existing property would work (from): >#wrapper { background: #ffffff; margin: 0 auto; width: 776px; height: 1000px; border-left: 1px solid #f0e9eb; border-right: 1px solid #f0e9eb; So I changed it to this: >#wrapper { background: #ffffff; margin: 0 auto; width: 776px; height: auto; border-left: 1px solid #f0e9eb; border-right: 1px solid #f0e9eb; And I also tried commenting out the height line. But when I did that I get no solid white background behind the content? This is with the 1000px in: This is with auto/height commented out in: Not sure why the background would not fill in when I take out height. Any clues?
  13. Yup- looks like the Doctype stuff was changed when I handed it over to the guy coding the CMS. I changed it back to the correct Doctype. He's coded everything into Smarty Templates. So I'm sorting thru that as it's all different to when I gave him my basic template files. I also added in a closing </div> (DOH! on me) to three of the .tpl files, but I'm still getting the bottom gap. The guy who coded the CMS told me that he changed something to do with height in the CSS, so I have to look at that closer. I'm getting to the point with this where I can't 'see' things anymore! LOL If anyone can see why I'd still get that gap, I'm all eyes and ears.
  14. Hi Andy! Thanks for that I'll give it a whirl. What's odd is that on file here I have: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> For the doctype. I did hand this over to another guy who was programming my Dad's CMS. So maybe he changed it somehow. I'll have to ask him. Unless what I did above is the wrong one? Thanks.
  15. Hi All, I've been working on the design for my Dad's new web site and I've run into a problem with a DIV i think. I want the site to be fluid in length based on what content there is. I notice on some of the pages that the bottom has a huge gap in it and the page is not elastic like I want it to be. I can't figure out what the problem is. An example of a problematic page is: >h##p://www.sourcebindingpacific.com/productdetails.php?pID=11 The CSS file is here: >h##p://www.sourcebindingpacific.com/style.css Replace pound signs with tt to get to live URL. If you need me to post up anything else, let me know. I'm a bit gap stumped! LOL Thanks!
  16. Hi All, I will be in need of purchasing a laptop much later in the year (towards the end), but I'm starting my search now. I went over to Dell and the one I configured was about $900. Basically I need a laptop that can handle the following: Photopshop Dreamweaver TopStyle Fireworks MS Office Those won't all be running at the same time, but there is a high chance that 3 or 4 will. I also... Need wireless card so I can get online Windows XP Home (VISTA sucketh as of this date!) I am not wanting to spend a ton as I have a decent home system, but I'll be going on the road and I need something reliable that will let me do what I need to do while I'm out there. Do you think it's worth it to look into a used laptop, or is that just asking for trouble? I was perusing Overstock and I saw some systems in the $600 range. I'm just a bit wary of buying something used. Are refurbished systems generally pretty good? Any advice would be super appreciated! Merci!
  17. Hey Dick, I am in the middle of doing the transfer. i filled out the info required, and an email was supposed to have been sent to the other party. But he hasn't received an email yet. Is there anything I should do or does this take more than 48 hours? Thanks!
  18. Bob- LOL! I have it powered down and stored for a bit. I will let you know as soon as I can get it back in the room and we have another stab at it! I can't remember the message offhand.
  19. LOL well I've had moments when I wanted to throw it out the dam window... but my boyfriend's dad is trying to take some beginner computer classes and he really needs the machine. So I shall keep trying!
  20. I was sort of successful, but I can't get the internet connection to work. I remember last time I did the upgrade to XP with this system the net connection did not work. I went back to those old notes, and still no luck. The Ethernet card shows, but I just can't connect to the net and I can't do the validation for XP. I am going to wipe it and go to 98 again and see if I can get the connection to work on the 98 OS. The connection was working w/ XP on the system before I wiped and reformatted, so I know it can work. Will post back again when I've figured it out.
  21. All systems a GO! Now gotta upgrade the system to XP!
  22. OK cool! It asked for the OS CD... this is the farthest we've gotten! THANK YOU for your help!
  23. OK it says please remove the CD, that it is important there is no CD ROM in the drive. After continuing the system will reboot and proceed with the installation. Press F1 to continue and Restart... Rebooting...
  24. Bob- GREAT info! OK I am now at the part where it gives me 3 choices: Delete and reinstall Windows Format Hard Drive and Install Windows (we just reformated the drive using the System Restore CD) Install Windows Go Back to Main Menu We will Install Windows now. PS we are still using the System Restoration Disk at this point. There is no mention of having to switch to the Operating System Backup CD.
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