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  1. Dave! No problem. You did get me thinking that the image load was too much. As you can see from my reply above, deleting a bunch of images did help with the processing. Now I just wonder what will happen as I add albums to the gallery. If anyone has experience with Gallery 2, please let me know how you process thumbs with larger amounts of images. Thanks
  2. OK I just ran the rebuild utility with 96 images and that worked. The thumbs are showing fine. What will happen now when I add more images? Do I have to keep rebuilding, and if so... there seems to be a drag on the server when I upload over 100 images. The gallery will end up having about 500 images in total.
  3. Dave, I am running Gallery 2 and in the "Admin Options" I see "Maintenance" and my only option for running the task "Build all thumbnails/resizes" is the "run now" option. When I click the plus sign to extend that task category, all it gives me is the resuslts from the last time I ran the task. When I click "Run Now" it just runs the task and does not allow me task options. Is there another place I can look to do the batch process? Thanks so much!
  4. Dave, I am using the XP utility. Thanks
  5. Hi Dave! Thanks for the advice. How do I limit the number of thumbnails I can rebuild? I can not see a tool to do that. I actually just deleted a whole bunch of sub-albums to try the rebuild to see if it would work with a smaller number of files. Where in the Gallery Admin can I set the batch limit? Thanks so much. PS... I also emailed Tech Support and they say /usr/local/bin/ is the correct path for ImageMagick.
  6. Hi, I just did a first time install of Gallery via Fantastico in cPanel. I can not see any Thumbnails at all in the gallery I created: http://www.natalie-brown.com/*holiday (please remove * to make URL work). I have ImageMagick configured to deal with the thumbnails. I went to "maintenance" in Site Admin and ran all the tools. The strange thing is that when I run the " Build all thumbnails/resizes" tool the window hangs and it does not finish the building. This is what the diagnostic says: nsure data files for all derivatives (thumbnails, etc) have been built and rebuild broken ones. Last Run Details: Checked 785 items 785 items built 785 items failed But it says "success" in green. I am not sure what to do to make the gallery thumbs work. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Gallery version = 2.0.2 core PHP version = 4.4.2 apache Webserver = Apache Database = mysql 4.1.19-standard Toolkits = ArchiveUpload, Exif, ImageMagick, NetPBM, SquareThumb, Thumbnail, Gd Operating system = Linux server329.tchmachines.com 2.6.9-34.ELsmp #1 SMP Wed Mar 8 00:27:03 CST 2006 i686 Browser = Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060508 Firefox/ The only other thing I can think that might be wrong is my path to ImageMagick for the thumbnail and resizing. The path I have is: /usr/local/bin/ The other options for image thumbnailing and resizing are: GD and netPBM I am not sure what the paths are for these resizing tools or if they are even installed on TCH servers. Thank you for any help you can give to get this gallery working.
  7. Thanks Jim. Just replied to your PM. Maybe Contribute is not what I am after in terms of a solution. I need this to be 'computer dummy' friendly... for lack of a better term! LOL
  8. Hi! Just wondering if anyone here uses Adobe (Macromedia) Contribute 3 http://www.macromedia.com/software/contribute/? I am interested in what it can do as far as helping me to allow other users to update their content after I have designed a site for them. Thanks for any insight you may have.
  9. OK Don, I will do that when I am up tomorrow. Looks really fantastico tho! Nat
  10. On Server 29, Fantastico is giving some PHP line error. I just saw this the other day. I clicked and got some PHP error. Let me know if you want me to get the exact error. It looks cool!
  11. OK... I think there are more detailed instructions... gotta find out what the code is to use to point to the script. Will do that later... having CSS stylesheet debugging session right now! LOL Thanks for the help guys!
  12. Thanks Jim, I will try this as well. Do I have to create a php3 file to work this? Sorry, it's confusing me a bit. I really thought I could do this with a few simple lines of code
  13. Andy: the reuslt I get is this: March 01, 2006 @ 3:03 PM -25200-18000 I really haven't done enough readying to output the time right. I will have to get to that... geez there are not enough hours in the day for me these days. LOL I'm just doing this site as a favor to a friend, so if I can't get that time right, then I will just leave it out, cuz I have not got a zillion hours to figure it out. But I really want to at least try... but that PHP stuff is confusing to me most times!
  14. Oh goodness gracious... OK I see a bunch of stuff on that PHP primer about DST and time zones and I totally forgot about that. How in the heck would I re-write what I have to reflect Eastern US Time... I think we are DST right now.... ><?php echo date("F d, Y @ g:i A"); ?> How do I change this? Why do I always do these things while exhausted? LOL
  15. Hi Don! That worked! I forgot about changing the htaccess file! For some reason the time is reading 2 hours off. I am not sure why that is. Shouldn't the time sych to the users computer? I've got it here now: http://www.sanctuarylane.com/ index1.htm The site isn't done yet.... just getting content etc. Also have this weird thing going on in Firefox where it is showing the slice name "sls_layout" between the Gear and Resources buttons. Can't for the life of me figure out why this is so. It is not appearing in IE. I sliced this and exported it to DW using Fireworks. Really strange! wampthing Thank you kindly!
  16. Hey guys, I just did this for a new site I am working on, and for some reason the date and time are not showing on the page. The code I used is as follows: ><?php echo date("F d, Y @ g:i:s A"); ?> Any reason this would not show up. Check page here: http://www.sanctuarylane.com/ dttest.htm (remove space) Weird. Did I miss a step? Do I need to upload some other script or something? All I did was put this PHP code in the body.
  17. Well, It's been decided that the user is going to use web mail now as he doesn't want the headache of dealing with Outlook, especially if mail has to be downloaded by disabling NIS. Very weird issue tho.
  18. OK so I deleted all the crap. So what would cause NIS to dissallow Outlook Access. I went into the Firewall settings and it shows that it is set to Medium. The Outlook Setting was set to Automatic and General for the Category. I have just set Outlook for "Permit All" and I will see if this does anything.
  19. OK hang on. I think I am going to have to go into cPanel and weed out the Spam and suspicious mails first before I restart this. I canceled the send/recieve. Way too much mail!
  20. OK Yup. Disabling NIS 2005 did the trick. Now how can I figure out what in NIS is making Outlook unable to connect to the server? I wouldn't even know where to start. There's 705 Emails! LOL OMG! And one Threat has already been found. I set NIS to disable for 5 mins only. We shall see what will happen,
  21. Duh, that would be a good idea huh! Like, where is the IM FREAKING BLONDE icon when you need it! LOL Thanks Rob. Let me try that now.
  22. I did have the address set to :fail:. I have just changed it to :blackhole:
  23. Hi Mark, Andy had asked me to run this as well and here is what I found: Nothing! It's so strange. I ran this test from the computer in question and it does nothing. I mean, it just sits there forever and nothing comes back. Norton Internet Security 2005 is on the system and I allowed access etc.. I ran the same test on my own system and I get the following: 220-server27.tchmachines.com ESMTP Exim 4.25 #1 Mon, Jan 16 2006 16:20:28 -0500 220- we do not authorize the use of this system to transport unsolicited 220- and/or bulk email. So there must be something wrong with the other computer system? The system is running XP Home with SP2 Installed. What could be blocking things? Has it got something to do with Norton Internet Security 2005? Not sure what to do from here since it is obviously not an issue on TCH's end. Any ideas where I would go to find out what could be causing this?
  24. Hi Andy, I did as you suggested and am still not able to send mail. I will open a ticket. Thanks
  25. Cool Thomas. Once I figure out how it all works and the new site is release I will let you know about it. I am still trying to find services that handle the Messaging etc.
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