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  1. I must be going blind because I can't see where it is. DO you have a direct link to the page? Thanks a million. NB
  2. Did you guys ever find where the manual or instructions were for Amember? I'm very interested in setting my sites up with member only sections. I downloaded the free version, but don't know where to start to read up on how it all works and how to configure it for my site. Do the passwords get generated randomly or do we have to email the passwords to the people who sign up? Any help would be much appreciated. NB
  3. I'm very glad to be here Where in England are you Andy? My family is from there. Parents are in Canada, but everyone else is scattered about England.
  4. I bow to the Head Guru guy Thanks for the welcome.
  5. Thanks for such a warm welcome. I'm still reading the PHP links someone in my other topic gave me. Does anyone know of any good PHP for Dummies type books that would help? I'm not great with understanding all these variables and if then clauses etc. I feel like I'm in a bit over my head at the moment. EEK!
  6. Ha Ha... seems the 'bug' was my overly long fingernails which typed the url in wrong... Problem fixed The link should work now. Off to clip these daggers...
  7. Hi Doc, Very kind of you to welcome me Thanks for the heads up on the MBSTIA link. It was working when I posted it. I'm not sure what's going on. I'll have to check into that asap. I am hoping to get the bugs worked out and things running smoothly again. NB
  8. I'm brand new to this place and I think TCH is awesome I was wondering if any CGI PHP Code gurus could check out the post I made in the Scripting Forum. I'm transfering 2 sites to TCH and one of them relies heavily on forms... I'm not that educated in CGI programming and I read there were recent security issues with CGI FormMail here prompting many to go to PHP forms. If someone could read my post and help out I would really appreciate it. The two sites I currently have with TCH are MBSTIA and The Indie Managers Association I also design and run two other sites and may be switching over to TCH once the packages at my other host company are finished. Those sites are: Official Natalie Brown Web Site and InMotion Management Looking forward to learning lots of new stuff and hopefully helping out a few people along the way. NB
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