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Server Time Zones?


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Hello everyone!


Just got a reseller account after my last host started being very unrelieable and so far I must say I am well impressed! :lol:


So far everything is way better than my last host apart from 1 thing: Is there any possibility that I could have my username changed please? I was at least expecting it to the generate from the first 8 letters of my domain name not just random letters. I can't help having a poor memory B)


Oh and just 1 small question, which time zone are the server's clocks set to?


Looking forward to a great future! Thumbs Up



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Welcome to the Family, James!! :dance:


On a bit of a side note... you are also housed in one of the nicest DataCenters in the country! And I don't say that only because that is where I am housed as well :P



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