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Food for thought:


It would be in TCH's best interest to encourage the sites that you host to have an image or text link to TCH's index page. I think most people would be willing to add an image or text link if it is a bit more subtle then the present options.


I would create a couple new graphics say in the 90 x 20 size range and make sure one has a transparent background. In addition, I would offer a simple cut and past text link ... either Total Choice Hosting or even as simple as TCH.


I would also suggest creating a new content page, Client List or Our Satisfied Customers. This would be an alphabetical list (or by subject) containing links and descriptions of hosted sites. This would obviously be in their best interest as well.


Further explanation of 'best interest' would involve a discussion on the complexities of link popularity and their associated importance with search engine rankings.


Just a thought.

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Or, another idea? Customize the cPanel News with some appropriate links.


The cPanel News area, for those that don't know, is where it currently says your domain name and your last login IP lookup. Like:


Welcome stoverdatasystems.com

Last login from: adsl-65-64-138-230.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net 


That area can be customized by TCH to deliver whatever message, links, news, support options, etc. they wish to display there.



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I'd really like to see a *small* image, too. Something no bigger than the FrontPage 2002 image that TCH has at the bottom of its pages.


I generally don't do free advertising for companies I do business with. (It's not my job to publicize their hosting service) BUT, I am pleased enough with my TCH account that I would include it. But since I'm unwilling to have such a big logo on my page, I currently only have a small text referece. I'd prefer a logo, but it would have to be very small. (Perhaps just the yellow globe, and Hosted by Total Choice Hosting".)



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