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  1. Ok went through and cleaned up however I get: (not in a subdirectory) 0.07 MB /etc 0.05 MB /mail 1.93 MB /perl 0.00 MB /php 0.07 MB /public_ftp 0.00 MB /public_html 63.47 MB /tmp 3.15 MB /(other subdirectories) 18.59 MB MySQL 9.85 MB Other 1744.82 MB When I do the Disk Space usage.... What is Other under MySQL? As I dig more it appears I have quite a few "backups" in the last couple of months. Is this soemthing that is automatic or did I set this up somehow?
  2. eeek i am at my cap. I forgot about all the vacation pictures etc I uploaded. ok ignore this thread for a bit till I can sort this out.
  3. In using it im getting a few errors almost like it has a cap on how much data can be ransfered at a time. The PC is all the way upstairs and I will write down the message shortly.
  4. Ok set it up. Now to see if the wife approves. Thanks!
  5. Is that strictly image files? She has some scanned PDFs of some documets etc. also. She has no need to view them its just she wants to make sure they are saved. Meaning she is afraid my messing with my home network and servers etc will help lose them, and would feel safer if they were offsite. I use a fraction of my space here and thought this woudl be a good way to secure them.
  6. My wife would like a place to back up some files (pics mostly) that she recieves from her family in South America. I was wondering if there are any easy to use programs out there that could facilitate that. Something I could configure (to my server) where all she has to do is either drag and drop and select "run" or even a CTRL type selection. I was showing her the cpanel upload section and she balked at that. Granted she could have me do it but if there is something out there that would work where she could use it it would be prefered. Also what would a program like that be called? File uploader? Thanks.
  7. Is there an included (Cpanel) Live chat program? If not is there an easy to install/use one. Nothing fancy just a page where a few people can "live" chat. Thanks.
  8. Ok this may sound extreme but sometimes I feel a complete wipe and start from scratch is best. I have used TCH for 7 years now adding taking away uploading downloading installing uninstalling "stuff". I did a complete (?) back up last night and downloaded it. Can I assume that every file on my server is in that ziptar file? Can I assume that if I unzip/view it on my desktop I can find anything I may want to find that was on my server? If the answer is yes to those questions my final question would be how do I wipe clean my server? Thanks.
  9. Thanks Bruce im playing with that one and Coppermine.... I think my biggest issue is "file/pixel" size in uploading pics. My settings on my camera pump them out 4.90 MB (5,143,063 bytes) with a pixel size of 34.9M... Something somewhere doesnt like one of those (or all of those) sizes. I need to find out where now and or what is the best size to use so I can batch convert all my photos.. (and another thanks to the 2 techs that were helping me last name.... their names escape me)
  10. hmmm Im not getting a warm and fuzzy from these programs... so if anyone knows anything else besides these included ones please post. Thanks.
  11. And if I took the time to look I would have found it myself. It looks as though the addons cpanel supports has those features. Thanks..
  12. I am looking for a web based interface (photo gallery) that displays EXIF information from the picture, which includes information such as the type/model of camera, F stop used, etc. An example would be here: http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/6911392349/photos/279900/imgp0034 It can be purchasable, trialware, freeware etc. Thanks for any support.
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