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I am looking for a windows prog that will give me the ability to have multiple pastes availble from a right click of my mouse.


So if I copy 5 things to a clipboard, I want to right click and choose from one of the five things.


Any one?

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Since you seem to be hunting for "tools" to help your productivity here is another one you might be able to use. I use it here in the NOC. Its a virtual desktop program called GoScreen. I run maybe 25-30 programs at one time and found it difficult managing and finding the ones I needed from the taskbar.


This program allows me to organize multiple programs into multiple "desktops" and I can keep them open fullscreen or minimized. Each taskbar only contains the buttons for the programs running on that desktop.



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I've been using ClipMate for years and it's a great tool for what you want. It will either work as a regular clipboard or as a powerclip which means you mark a starting point in the history of what has been clipped, a direction and when you paste-paste-paste it moves through the list until you stop or it gets to the end.


It's been a lifesaver to me and it's not expensive ($25 for d/l version). They're up to version 6.1 so it's stable too. The link is http://www.thornsoft.com/index.htm

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