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Oops! We Have Ran Out Of Room.


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:) Nooooo!!!!


When I purchased my current hosting with you guys, I learned that I had to register the domain first. I was in the market for some more hosting under a different domain, so I followed your link to register my domain. It's been registered, but when I came back to buy a hosting package for it, I got the message:




oops! We have ran out of room. We are building new servers as fast as possible, and expect to be able to resume taking orders as soon as possible.


I am quite happy with TCH for my one site, and would very much like to purchase another package for this other site as soon as possible. When will I be able to purchase hosting again?





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HG said he is hoping to resume taking orders within a few days. Made no promises...but that's what he hopes.

Hopefully. Thumbs Up


Because my domains were already registered without me setting the DNS' (they were set to TCH hosting), will that be any problem? I can't remember the exact way I did it last time.




P.S. Yeah, I'm pretty new to this stuff, so thanks.

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Thanks for the warm welcome.


I've just got one more question, and I figured I'd just post it here for now.


When buying my domain, I accidently misspelled it the first time, and registered www.robflavor.com, but I wanted www.robflavored.com, which I also registered. I realize that there are no refunds on domains, and I'm not worried about that.


My question is whether or not I can point the www.robflavor.com domain to www.robflavored.com. So, when someone types in the domain but forgets the "ed" on the end (Like I did :) ), they will just be redirected. But, is it possible to do this at the DNS level, so that it doesn't load a redirect page before redirecting; it would just automatically go to the right site?




P.S. Like I said, I'm quite new to this whole thing, but I'm learning tons of stuff thanks to helpful forums like this one.

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