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Question About Transferring Accounts


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Someone in the other thread mentioned a reseller account. I think that's a great idea... expensive, but it might be worth it.


However, my boyfriend just bought an account here at TCH, the smallest one, but he paid a year upfront. Now if I were to buy a reseller account and move his domain to my reseller, would he be able to get a refund, or perhaps roll that money into my reseller account purchase? If not, I don't think I'll be able to buy that new account...


Please let me know.

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Because we look at every case individually (I don't think any other web hosting company can say they pay so much attention to customers!) Drop a help ticket to the billing department, explaining what you want to do and ask what will happen.


Then we can tell you what will happen with your money and give you some options, you can then go away and think about it with no pressure or hassle from us and if you do want to change anything, just come back and ask!



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