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I have had some issues of late with TCH that made me question whether I should keep my business here. Nothing major just a series of minor things but I stuck it out. Last night, I saw why I stuck it out.


In short, we have several servers we use to handle our needs. In the process of turning off some that were believed unnecessary we discovered there were some critical components involved. To make matters worse a series of technical issues kicked in to complicate matters further. The person that normally handles our web was unavailable and much dismay ensued.


Well, Bill spent a couple hours working with me and doing some “voodoo” to get us up and running. We discovered other issues afterward that eventually had our websites unreachable. I kid you not when I say Dick and Carl spent at least 5 hours helping us straightening out the problem. The sites are back up and our community is happy.


I strongly believe in acknowledging when people go above and beyond. The TCH team really impressed me last night. I am not the most web savvy of clients so their work was cut out for them and they handled it with flying colors. So, I just wish to personally say thanks to the entire TCH team and special thanks to Bill, Dick & Carl.

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