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Virus Alert!


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Computer Virus Hits Internet


A Windows vulnerability surfaced today that caused

widespread computer outages and took many internet

customers offline. The virus called "Microsoft

Windows DCOM RPC Interface Buffer Overrun Vulnerability" affects only Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP systems.


Mediacom recommends all customers run the "Window Update" program usually found in all copies of Windows operating systems. Current security updates will prevent the vulnerability from being exploited and prevent subscribers from potentially losing network connectivity due to this issue.


As a temporary measure Mediacom will be blocking certain

internet ports in an attempt to limit the spread of this problem. We will unblock these ports again in a few days.


Additional information can be found at




Get protected before it is to late. My ISP E-mailed me about this one. Thumbs Up

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None of the TCH servers are affected - they all run Linux! Yay!

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This is transmitted via different worms. One that hit my work place was W32/Lovesan which meant patching just under 300 XP machines, let alone NT boxes. Thankfully after a big stint last night and this morning, everything is fine.


Here at Total Choice Hosting, we use linux and so are unaffected.



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