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Cheap/free Streaming Video Hosting?


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I looked through the forums, and unless something's changed in the 2 years since it last came up, there's no option to stream video from a standard TCH account, correct?


Assuming that's true, is anyone familiar with a free or relatively affordable media hosting option out there? For various reasons I can't use the hosting I have available right now (:angry: - it's got plenty of room, but it's not an option), so I'm looking to host a single video file of moderate size that I want to stream instead of Progressive Download.


Any suggestions appreciated.



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Sorry, I don't have any recommendations but wanted to post some information for any one coming across this thread.



We don't provide streaming media services as it requires specialized server side software that is too resource intensive to be run on a shared hosting environment. However, you can run streaming media services on our dedicated servers(not semi).


To "stream" from our shared servers you have to deliver your video using "progressive download" or "http streaming". This is not really streaming, but a very simple download of the video file to the users' computer. While this is not true streaming, it appears to stream as the majority of media players allow the video to begin playing the file as soon as sufficient amount of data has been downloaded.


Just follow the steps below for "http streaming" on our shared servers:

-Create a video file in a common streaming media format

-Upload the file to your site

-Create hyperlink to the video file or use special HTML tags to embed the video in a web page.

When someone clicks the hyperlink, their media player opens and begins "streaming" the video file. If the file is embedded it will play on the page in their browser.

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Just in case you had problems with this like me, you may need to refer to the following information on moving the 'moov atom' to the start of the video file so that progressive downloading can work...




Had a rather amusing "it's working", "no it's not", "yes it is" ping pong with TCH-Alex before I figured this one out. I don't think I made his morning, he disappeared from the live chat ;-)

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I am sorry, got disconnected when chatting with you and you left the session when I came back. However, as we discussed on chat, the test page I have created with simple html embedding of mp4 file was working at http://*********.com/video/test.html (masked the domain name from public area)


If you still having issues with it, please post a ticket to the help desk - so that we can have another look.

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