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  1. Hi Bill, Thanks for the update. I agree that Let's Encrypt need to up their game, but their facilities have also enabled me to setup SSL on several of my websites on other hosts. This is becoming a service differenciator for me, it would be great to see this available on TC as soon as possible. Regards, Pete
  2. Hi, I'm adding the correspondence below in case there are other users that have the same issue as myself - it would appear that php 5.2 support is being removed from TC servers without notice (a non-working php application was certainly the first I heard!). Is this the official TC position - basically if you were reliant on 5.2 you should have upgraded by now and if you haven't, well that's just tough?!!! I appreciate that TC have provided us with an upgrade path but if its intended removal had been communicated, we would have initiated a planned upgrade - rather than having a clients estore cease functioning. I host several domains with TC and I've had repeated occassions where changes are made on the servers that cause my sites to break. Where am I supposed to pick up on the changes you are making, so that I can ensure my clients sites are not disrupted? NOT a happy TC customer :-(
  3. Just in case you had problems with this like me, you may need to refer to the following information on moving the 'moov atom' to the start of the video file so that progressive downloading can work... http://www.flashmorgan.com/index.php/2008/01/23/why-is-my-progressive-h264-video-not-playing-until-the-entire-file-is-downloaded Had a rather amusing "it's working", "no it's not", "yes it is" ping pong with TCH-Alex before I figured this one out. I don't think I made his morning, he disappeared from the live chat ;-)
  4. And thanks for the welcome guys, I've been a long term customer of TCH but this is the first time I've used the forum. Hope you're all having a great weekend.
  5. TCH-Alex, I salute you! Made the changes and it works a treat. Bit of a weird one but there we go!
  6. Posted here as it seems a very closely related issue... I'm working on Gallery as well (v2), and I would like to be able to upload files above 2Mb in size. I've followed TCH-Bruce's advice, code as follows: ><IfModule php_config> php_value upload_max_filesize 10M </IfModule> That's all that's in the .htaccess file in the gallery root. When the file is there I can't upload any images (there are no errors, even in debug mode), and when the file is not there I can - provided they are less that 2Mb of course! This seems a weird one, and I haven't been able to find anything on the Gallery forums. Any ideas what might be happening? Thanks, Pete
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