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  1. Sorry for misspelling inalienable. I wanted to add that my experiences are unfortunately not unique but pretty much identifiable by millions of Americans who love this country just as much as any other American, but cannot say that there isn't one time they've not been proud. And if any of us think we are getting the whole story on any of the candidates from our favorite news networks or the rhetoric of our chosen candidates, we took the blue pill. No pun intended. (Reference "The Matrix" movie.)
  2. LOL I was just going to say the same thing about McCain -- I am seeing the real McCain and he's the one who's scary. Having lived on the same side of the street for over 40 years, I can't say that I've always been proud of my country. Having our heroes threatened with assassination for trying to do something noble & honorable is scary. I voted by absentee ballot for concern that I could be anonymously mowed down for simply exercising my right to vote. Now that's probably something no one on here is proud of, I would hope. And it's probably not a concern for many who have posted, but guess what -- it's a real concern for some of us. To see John McCain and Sarah Palin feed the fears and craziness of people w/o the slightest concern or apology of what a great portion of this country's citizens have lived through and continue to face is really scary, my friends. Really scary. To have people oblivious to it is really scary, too. I'm not saying who I voted for, for concern of reprisals from either side. (And I bet many of you don't have that concern at all but it is real for some). But I will say that I have been a registered Republican for close to 20 years. It was not easy to make my decision, but I did. It's nobody's business who I voted for. That's one of the many things I can say I'm proud of in this country. I can tell you many things about my American experiences, however my friends, that I'm not proud of, starting with my segregated childhood; starting with actual grade manipulations, Bill, to keep me from being the first African American valedictiorian of my highschool. A classmate's grade had to be manupulated to give her an "A" in a class (Trig) where I aced a test and she utterly failed it (yes, the teacher discussed our grades in the class). We both wound up being co-valedictorians, with straight A averages. Oh God, talk about a riot in the city if I had attained that podium by myself. Starting, my friends, with my first job in the 80's, where I was paid a starting salary $3000 less than a counterpart who happened not to be the same ethnicity as myself. We worked for a nationally-recognized and respected company, and I had a specific degree in the field needed for the job, whereas she had a related degree. Yet I was not considered worthy of $3000 more -- I wonder why. I graduated no. 1 from my college. Both of us were straight out of college. I was only trained 2 weeks then put on night shift. She got put on day shift where our supervisor could constantly assist her. Oh well. Just another check in the "not proud of" column. I can tell you many things, my friends. MANY things, that do not make me proud. But I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I believe America is the greatest country on earth. Does the fact that the experiences I endured which do not make me proud make me less patriotic than anyone else? I think I'm MORE patriotic because I endured them and still can say I love this country. But I can't say that I've been proud of every single thing about this country. And if you can say that, then you should try on someone else's shoes for a single day, who has had to fight for every ounce of consideration or simple respect as an "average American" that they could get. Try having to fight an uphill battle just about every single time for things that are considered inaleinable rights and general privileges for most Americans, but are a real battle for some Americans for no valid reason.
  3. It's not that cut-n-dried simple, I don't believe. They might do right by one standard, and totally wrong by another standard. Just like most politicians & judges, methinks.
  4. I don't believe in Santa... Basically, it doesn't matter what Congress says about the Constitution -- judges all re- & misinterpret it and that's that...
  5. I sent an email to my domain registrar (it's not TCH) about emails allegedly from my registrar needing info updates for my domain names. Perhaps registrars might want to develop a better way to solicit the review of the DN info, because it does indeed seem like some kind of phishing scam. Especially when I visited my registrar's site and saw nothing whatsoever on the site about updating ICANN info. I deleted the first email. When I got the second, I emailed the registrar about it and learned that it was a legit email. We are taught that we aren't to click any links inside of a suspicious-looking email, and then a very important email comes from a suspicious-looking source asking me to click the link in the email and update all info? Not too conducive to maintaining a safe Internet experience from people who should know better...
  6. Exactly. Our personal information is already available online for a mere $2.95 (possibly less) at some sites, if people know your real name & can put 2+2 together (where you live, or how old you are).
  7. That's why it matters. Miniature Bible Peanut M&M's (or some kind of chocolate -- heard good chocolate is taken for granted here) Sports Illustrated (or some other popular national mag -- Newsweek or something) Pocket video game Mickey D's gift certificates Some kind of classic movie on DVD TV Guide Mp3 player w/ variety of genres (except the profane stuff)
  8. I was wondering if anyone here can explain the advantages of joining the networking sites such as Plaxo & LinkedIn. I've really not seen the benefit of such sites as outweighing the risks. I don't see a real advantage of putting all your personal info online for strangers to see. Or maybe I have the wrong idea about the sites?
  9. Try submitting the request to scriptlance.com. Someone there can do it for you for a reasonable price -- coders bid on the jobs submitted.
  10. There's always the YouTube-type services that do Flash streaming of your content...
  11. If Microsoft was giving away Vista, I wouldn't want a copy.
  12. Does anyone else have difficulties with desktop icons of web sites they add as shortcuts on their desktops? The desktop shortcuts on my XP Home PC will sometimes revert back to the general "e" icon. For my own web site, I changed the fav.ico many many months ago. When I added the shortcut to my desktop, it was still adding the old icon to my desktop. Then it would sometimes change to the general "e" icon without me doing anything except perhaps restarting my PC off occasionally. Today, I noticed that the new icon that I added many moons ago replaced the "e" (which used to be another fav.ico). However, some other desktop shortcuts to other sites have reverted to the "e" rather than their fav.ico icon. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Can we only have one fav.ico icon on our desktops at a time? And what in the world changing them and why? This is no critical issue or anything -- just an annoyance.
  13. Check out www.widgetbox.com. It provides free scripts & codes for various widgets you can use on your web site. Widgets come with a link back to widgetbox.com. There are music players, rss feed readers, games, all kinds of stuff. You can upload your own widgets for others to download & use, if you're the guru-type that does that sort of thing. Site is pretty cool & divides widgets by categories. I found a neat scrolling rss feed reader that I installed on my site.
  14. I have put in a support request for this but it's not been resolved as yet. Has anyone else had a problem with resetting their password? I tried to change it for my main hosting account, and it seems to have changed it. However, it's not accepting the new PW I changed it to. The PW change process said it sent an email to the email on account but I have yet to receive an email (to verify the change request, I would presume). That's why I put in a support request. I cannot log into my account using either PW at this point. The last communication I had with TCH support has not been answered. Funny, but one of the features of my site that uses the site login is still working with the OLD password. But I cannot log into my account with that PW. This is very annoying. I need this fixed...
  15. Got him on the 1st try and the 2nd try. Perhaps it's because cats aren't my favorite critter...
  16. Thanks, Bruce. I'll check out Horde mail.
  17. My 20-year-old keyboard. I'd like to see an H3 Hummer.
  18. I use Squirrelmail to check my web mail. I don't know if I'm overlooking something or not, but is there a way to mark email as spam like web mail programs that ISP's offer? If Squirrelmail doesn't have this option, is there another email choice we have for which we can mark email as spam?
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