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Thinking Of Going With Tch For Reseller


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Hello cinderzilla,


First off - I would like to thank you for considering TotalChoice for your web hosting needs.


With our reseller accounts, you get the comfort of knowing that the server you are on will be completely managed by our staff while you can have the extra time on your hands to deal with the issues with your websites, or the clients that you re sell to. You will not have to worry about the server you are on being jam-pact full of clients just to make an extra buck here either from my personal experiences.


You will also be able to brand the cPanel that your clients will see should you decide to start a web hosting business yourself as a re-seller. There are even some of the legal policies such as the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy templates that you will have access to and be able to use should you decide making money / hosting websites for people is what you want to do on the account.


You will be given access to WHM where you will be able to manage the aspects of your account - also Fantastico is included on all reseller accounts.


As far as cons, the only thing I did not like when I was using reseller accounts (and that was for about a year before I went to semi and then dedicated - also this is at every host you will find, it is not just TCH) is the fact that you share the server with other resellers - this means in essence that you cannot do 'whatever' you want on the server. However, if you do decide you would like more flexibility in the future you will still have the option of upgrading to one of our dedicated servers in the future. As long as we have them in-stock.


This is just a few things that I personally liked while using the reseller services here - I am sure some other people will give some more insight throughout the day.

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