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  1. Welcome to the family and forums diversenz! We appreciate your kind words and are glad you are happy with our services!
  2. Hello OJB, I just wanted to be the first to thank you for your continued patronage at TCH. We appreciate your business and are glad that you are happy with our services.
  3. Hello Eric, Post us the link to the WordPress blog and we can look it over for you and see if we notice anything.
  4. I just did the easy thing and searched google for 'Free Wordpress Themes'.
  5. Hello Eric, Personally, I am also one of the many WordPress fans out there. Some of the things I like about WordPress is the ability to find or make a theme, edit it to your preferences and then simply login to the admin interface and make as much new content that you want without having to edit it page by page. I must say I never really cared for content management systems until I found a blog system like WordPress... I use to prefer to hand code everything into a blank page and once I was happy with the overall design of the page I would then save that page as a simple 'Template' file and build all of my content off of that blank page - simply adding the content in to the design. WordPress isn't really that hard to edit - I was a complete newbie when I first started messing with WordPress and didn't have a clue about PHP (I have learned everything I know from trial and error, editing other people's templates and talking on these forums to people like Don). I am still not confident enough to hand code an entire site in PHP, but I am confident enough to base my site off of a system like WordPress and then edit it to my personal needs and preferences. You will need to just play around and use the trial and error method and don't be afraid to ask questions. There are a lot of friendly people around the forums here willing to give advice and help out. I personally havn't had any issues with WordPress - keeping in mind that I just run a very small blog which I have not updated in like 4 months. lol
  6. Hello cinderzilla, First off - I would like to thank you for considering TotalChoice for your web hosting needs. With our reseller accounts, you get the comfort of knowing that the server you are on will be completely managed by our staff while you can have the extra time on your hands to deal with the issues with your websites, or the clients that you re sell to. You will not have to worry about the server you are on being jam-pact full of clients just to make an extra buck here either from my personal experiences. You will also be able to brand the cPanel that your clients will see should you decide to start a web hosting business yourself as a re-seller. There are even some of the legal policies such as the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy templates that you will have access to and be able to use should you decide making money / hosting websites for people is what you want to do on the account. You will be given access to WHM where you will be able to manage the aspects of your account - also Fantastico is included on all reseller accounts. As far as cons, the only thing I did not like when I was using reseller accounts (and that was for about a year before I went to semi and then dedicated - also this is at every host you will find, it is not just TCH) is the fact that you share the server with other resellers - this means in essence that you cannot do 'whatever' you want on the server. However, if you do decide you would like more flexibility in the future you will still have the option of upgrading to one of our dedicated servers in the future. As long as we have them in-stock. This is just a few things that I personally liked while using the reseller services here - I am sure some other people will give some more insight throughout the day.
  7. Hello, First off - thank you for the kind words, and we are more than happy to help with any issues / questions that we are able to. As far as sending in gifts - that is completely up to you. This is not required nor restricted.
  8. Hello Kevin, First off - welcome to the family forums! This would more than likely be better handled over the help desk if one of these ideas do not help, since the help desk staff members would have access to your account to troubleshoot and correct the issue. Some things to try / check: 1.) Do you have a spam filter / spam assassin enabled? 2.) Have you tried using domain.com instead of mail.domain.com 3.) Do you get a bounce message when you send the mail to the account? 4.) Did you check the account through the web interface to see if the mail arrived and your just not getting it through outlook?
  9. No problem at all Henrietta. It's my pleasure to be of assistance. If you need help with anything else, please do not hesitate to ask!
  10. Hello Henrietta, I just wanted to go into a bit more detail on this. When someone spoofs your email address - they do not have access to your email account, they just customize their mail client to make it look like it is being sent from you, from what I understand by using the reply-to field. As Thomas has stated there isn't much that you can do about this other than informing your client that the spam is not being sent from you. Deleting the email account would only solve one problem as long as you have your default mail address set to :fail: .. it would keep the emails from bouncing back to your inbox if the person / bot decides to start doing a dictionary spam - this can cause a lot of issues including the annoyance of having to sift through the sometimes thousands of bounced emails and delete them - or deleting them bulkly depending on what email client you are using. I have heard that SPF records will help regarding this issue - it will not completely STOP the spam in most cases, but it will slow it down some. You can find out more about SPF records as well as create your own and then contact the help desk about having the zone added. For more information as well as a wizard to create an SPF record please see: http://www.openspf.org/ - if you are not comfortable creating the SPF record via the wizard on the site listed, you may try submitting a help desk ticket and asking if they would create it for you. *EDIT> As for the question above, have you looked through your email account yet? Did you notice any bounce messages? It is quite possible if there is no emails that should be in there, it is just spam or the person/bot spoofing your address has sent emails to either a server that is blocking your email address, the server you are on or the email account it is trying to send to simply does not exist / is filtering your emails. It could also be several other things completely unrelated to this issue. Your best bet to get this solved is to submit a help desk ticket and get the technicians to help you with this - including any and all bounce messages will help them to better address this issue. Just a thought, and something worth looking into.
  11. Hello, From the sounds of it by pulling he means downloading - you can do this through your file manager depending on what type of file it is, however I would recommend using a FTP program as it would be allot easier and less time consuming on your part. There are several free FTP programs out there some better than others but I will let you decide on the right one for you rather than suggesting one that I use. There is a list of FTP programs as well as all of the documentation you will need to get introduced to using FTP programs located in the help site at: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/ftppage.htm As far as the issue at hand - I personally use macromedia suite and have never used FrontPage - you say that you reinstalled windows and now frontpage cannot find your site.. do you mean that there was a copy of the site on your computer which you used frontpage to edit? or it cannot find the actual website on the TCH servers? If it is unable to find it on your computer - this would be because you reinstalled windows more than likely - you will need to download your website's files from your account using FTP / file manager in order to have them back on your hard drive. If it is the later - did you configure all of the options in frontpage? Did you make sure you did not make a typo on your username / password / website fields? Also, please take note that if you use FTP this can and more than likely will mess up FrontPage unless you do an entirely new publish. Just a few things that came to mind.
  12. Hello earthwormjim, Yes, you should have two options to do this. Once you find the spammer's IP address simply login to your control panel ( www.your-domain.com/cpanel ). Once in there you should notice an IP deny manager icon - you can block the spammers IP address from this interface. You can also just add the following code into your .htaccess file: ><Limit GET> order deny,allow deny from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx </Limit> Some useful links: http://totalchoicehosting.com/help/tutoria...nel/ipdeny.html http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=6207
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