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Problem With This Forum's Header

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Wasn't sure where to put this, but since about 2-3 weeks ago, the forum's header is messed up for me. Not a huge issue, but annoying nonetheless. Here is a screenshot:



I'm using Firefox on Mandriva Linux at 1024 x 768.

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This may seem a bit obvious, and forgive me if you've already tried it, but you might try changing the font settings or the character encoding to see what that gives you. My version of FF is running Western (ISO-8859-1) and I see things ok.

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I too have status on a separate line that looks jacked. I'm running Ubuntu (Daper Drake) and FF It's pretty much the standard install. I haven't changed the fonts or anything like that.


I just checked with Mozilla 1.7.12 with the same problem.


Konqueror is fine though.



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Western (ISO-8859-1) here, too. Not zoomed. Tried all different kinds of font settings (I always try them first because I typically have a minimum font size set, which I know can mess with things...the screenshot is without a minimum font size set).

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sorry to jump in late, this happened with another IPB forum i use ( i shall not link as its about a band who have parental guiance stickers on records) but for some reason firefox did this, and it was fine in IE

a tweak or two later found it was firefox misreading or somthing. it wa sfixed sharpish


my staff site is having trouble with IE. but when i get emails from my members i say the problem is IE, get firefox. :dance: :thumbup1:


i'll try and find the cause for you off the 1st sides admin guy if i get a chance to speak to him

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