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Domain Name And Forum


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I just purchased an account and have a couple of questions. First, do I need to wait until my account is activated to register a domain name? Second can you set up admins on invision boards, so that someone else can monitor the board for me? Also what is the private register thingy when you try to register a domain name?

Thank you,

Dan Sandoval

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You dont need to register a domain name before!


You have full control over the install on Invision. You would just add a user then give that user admin privys. Then they can control your boards. The auto install script is located under add-on scripts in your cPanel.


The private registration simply conceals the identity of the Domain Name Owner when someone does a WhoIs Lookup.


PS: I just activated your account :)


Enjoy and welcome to our family.

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In your welcome email, you should have been given an IP address. If you type this into your browser, this will goto your website. By typing in your ipaddres followed by /cpanel, you can then access the CPANEL for your website, and here you can use the auto install script to set up your invision board. (Its under Addon scripts btw). Using this IP address, you can access your entire site.


I can not help you with the domain question though, only a Guru with access to the system can!


Hope this helps!



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