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    www.dansandoval.com Sorry Dan
  2. Sandman


    I got it working. It just wont let me organize my files by putting them in a folder for some reason. www.dandsandoval.com Dan
  3. Ok i registered a domain name, how to i set it up to go to my website? Sandman
  4. Also is there anyway to view the invision board before my domain is assigned to my account? What type of name would i need to type in? Dan Sandoval
  5. Thank you, I just got the email. Since I clicked the button to Registar my domain name with you, Did it register it at that point or do I need to go and register it? That was really fast thanks a lot! Dan Sandoval
  6. I just purchased an account and have a couple of questions. First, do I need to wait until my account is activated to register a domain name? Second can you set up admins on invision boards, so that someone else can monitor the board for me? Also what is the private register thingy when you try to register a domain name? Thank you, Dan Sandoval
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