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I have dual monitors--a 21" and a 17". I haven't taken any pictures of them lately :-), but I don't see anything suprising about it!


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Ok, First let me say that fakes are allowed.... (by my understanding) :(




greatfolios sysop Posted: Mar 19 2003, 10:05 PM




So how about the most excessive use of commas in a post?


how about the most mis-spelled words in a site?


(ok, so I like the idea about the desk pix, but It could be a bit staged, don't you think?)


Mr. Bill




lstover Posted: Mar 19 2003, 10:07 PM




stage away.


He gave me no indication as to his judgment or anything. He said the only rule was to have tch on the monitor in the picture (and you have to be a forum member).



Now I do think that they are fakes, for following reasons (some have already been stated). ;)


The sony is a curved monitor the image is not. :o the reflections at the top underside of the sony frame do not line up with what is on screen, ;) the panasonic is a smaller screen and is most likely not set to the same resolution as the sony but the images are the same (just a guess 1280*1024), ;) and furthermore the most obvious sign is the fact that the taskbar is completely invisible (autohide leaves a grey line across the bottom of the screen). ;) and since an image edit software was used to put the TCH logo on the bottom right of the picture, we know the image was edited a bit at least. :D


I should spend more time marketing my website, :huh: I have too much fun in here....


it's all in fun....


Mr. Bill :blink:


edit: I'm still not sure!

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Wow...I didn't think I'd get so many responses.

I did not try to fool anyone here.... sorry if you all thought that I was trying that.

All I did was follow the rules but make it so that tch was very noticable.

I think that it worked. I do graphics for a living and this took about 3 minutes to do.

I know they look fake but I figured it wasn't a rule to make it real.

It's the concept that counts right.


I will post the real picture if everyone wants me to.

Thanks for the replies. And I must say that you all have good

eyes for detail.

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I liked the first one, too.

My favorite is still the puppy, though!


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NO!!!! Mr. Bill..... I didn't think that I would have to completely spell this out but here goes:


The INTENT of the requirement for having TCH web page displayed on your monitor was to provide some way to PREVENT FAKES!!!!


We want to see the REAL work areas of our family and friends.....




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that's ok. By 'stage away' and by your original statement that the pix could be staged, I was thinking in terms of 'the desk' and 'the workspace' being staged. So, my vision from your question was the use of additional props, etc to sway the vote of Head Guru. Like blatant occurences of "TCH Rocks" on notepads and bulletin boards and the like. :D



Just a different interpretation of the same scenario. I am sorry that I misunderstood your original comment and also that I wasn't more clear in my explanation.....

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