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I Already Have My Own Domain Name


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RE: "you can keep your domain with your current registar if you wish"


Is there any type of advantage (to me) if I transfer my domain registrar to you

rather than changing the pointer w/ my original registrar?


If not, I guess I just wait until its time to re-up and compare renewing fees between registrars?


thanks for the great forum - it has sold me on your hosting service.


- MB

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There is no particular advantage if you are happy with your current registrar. There is also no advantage to waiting until it is time to renew the domain to transfer it as you will receive an additional year of registration when you request the transfer. I generally suggest purchasing the hosting account first and then changing the nameservers with the current registrar. Once the domain has propagated you can then request the registration transfer.

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I'm not sure you can help, but I too have my own domain already registered.


I signed up w/ TCH as my new host, but I discovered (while trying to update the DNS pointers) that my registrar contact info was outdated (cardinal sin, I know) - specifically, the contact email address listed, goes to a domain that I don't own any more, worse yet, it's owned by someone else.


I emailed my registrar (Joker.com) a week ago and haven't received a response yet.


I realize that it may vary from registrar to registrar, but in brief: I need to know of another way to update my DNS pointers, besides via an access through the contact email address listed on the domain ownership form.


There must be another way for my registrar to verify that I own that domain, and thus allow me to make changes.


If you have any thoughts, I would appreciate them, as I'd like to get crack'n on putting a site up on your server ASAP.


Thank you for your response.

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As you said, it varies from registrar to registrar, but I can tell you that a client of mine had a domain with register.com and the email address listed was no longer valid. Register.com has (or had, this was over a year ago) an option to enter the credit card number that the domain was originally purchased with (to verify his ownership) and a new email address for the account. You might dig around your account at joker.com and see if they can do something similar.

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Thanks for the encouragement.


I did some more digging, and unearthed the process.


FYI, I was emailed a PDF form that I must complete, then fax back.


And then, "After reception of the PDF document, Joker.com will manually check if the necessary signature is properly made. If this check fails, Joker.com will cancel the process.


For the case that the signature is properly made, Joker.com will send a final confirmation email to following addresses:

owner contact according to current whois data

admin contact according to current whois data

the new to-be-created email of the owner contact

Joker.com will wait for an objection for 5 days.


Joker.com will cancel the procedure for the following cases:

the necessary signature is not made (see 2.)

one or more objections are received from the confirmation emails being sent "


So, I have to cross my fingers that the new owner of my old domain - that is listed for ownership contact - didn't create the same contact email address that I listed, or if he/she did, doesn't dispute my claim to the domain ownership when he/she gets an email from Joker asking if he/she wishes to.


I sent an email to that old address a few minutes ago, and it hasn't bounced yet.



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Networksolutions is also giving me a headache. I'm trying to transfer my domain over to TCH but they offer no information on how to do it. I've spent over 2 hours combing their site and found nothing so far.


My domain transfer failed due to the registrar-lock, but the dns that networksolutions is pointing to is now





That is TCH right?


I turned off the domain protect option, heres a copy of what that looked like...


Domain protect adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized domain name transfers.


When turned on, Domain Protect blocks the transfer of a domain name to another Registrar. Turning it on provides protection from "domain hijackers," or others who may attempt to authorize a transfer of your domain name registration to another Registrar.



With Domain Protect turned on you can still perform legal name changes, account consolidation or internal transfers with ease through Account Manager. To transfer a domain name to another Registrar, you must first turn off Domain Protect.



Turn Domain Protect on

Leave Domain Protect off

I imagine that is what is keeping my transfer from going through. Am I correct in assuming that?



Anyway, I'm not happy at all with networksolutions. I have so many questions for them and it seems like I'm talking to a robot who has no answers. Yet another reason why TCH seems awsome. The human element should never be replaced.




of course 2 seconds after I post this I look back and find this under my nose:


Q:  How do I transfer my domain name away from Network Solutions to another registrar? 


A:  We value your business and would like to keep you as a customer. If we have not met your expectations, we would like another chance to serve you better. Please take a moment to call Network Solutions Customer Service at 1-888-642-9675 or 703-742-0914 outside the U.S. and Canada.


If you still want to transfer your domain name registration away from your Network Solutions account to another registrar, you must contact your new registrar of choice to initiate the transfer process. Your new registrar will most likely send an e-mail to the Administrative Contact listed in the public WHOIS record to confirm your transfer request before it can be processed. Network Solutions will also send a transfer authorization e-mail to the Primary Contact of the domain to confirm your intent to transfer.


Please visit www.networksolutions.com and log into Account Manager to verify the contact information for the Primary Contact of the domain is up-to-date. You can also visit www.networksolutions.com to verify the WHOIS contact information is current.


If a transfer request was submitted for a domain you wish to keep with Network Solutions, simply follow the instructions within the transfer authorization e-mail to reject the transfer request.


Please be aware when transferring a domain name that any related e-mail or web site services you have with us will be terminated once the domain name has successfully transferred out of your Network Solutions account. 


I think things are going as they should, just going to take 36 hours is all. Once that time is up should I click the re-initiate link in my email?

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