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  1. This isn't for me, my uncle is getting his real estate market put online but doesn't like the URL his company gave him so I directed him here to register a new domain name with your company. Now we need that new domain name to target his companies exsisting site. I submitted a ticket for him regarding the redirection and hope this all goes fairly smooth. Thanks.
  2. I want to register a new domain name without hosting to point to an exsisting site. That can be done here wite ease?
  3. Heya, I've been trying to configure NukedGallery to work in my phpnuke installation and everything works fine till I try and upload an image, it fails to make the thumbnail. From what I have read this week I've narrowed it down to one possible solution (because I've tried everything else; as per the help pages from nukedgallery: I'm guessing I cannot fix this myself? If not then I can give you the address where I have placed the folder, it is here: Also, it says the list is editable however I have been unable to find its location: Not sure what other information I can give you, I'll copy and include the list of binarys it tested if that would help at all: I really hope this makes sence to you guys, I've spent most of this week trying to configure gallery to work on my page. My url is www.waiparous.com Hope you can help! I have tried everywhere else
  4. That did the trick!! Thank you so much! sorry for the bump. I searched so many php sites, didn't even think to just put it in google and search that way.
  5. bump anyone have a clue how I can approach this to resolve it myself?
  6. I installed php nuke from cpanel, everything seems to work fine. I have the forum within phpnuke going but I can't seem to edit the current style. This is the error I get. How do I fix this? I get it if I try and click on any of the 4 options, add, create, export and management.
  7. Spoonman


    Not sure if this is the place to ask but... what the hell is the purpose of avantgo? I'd wager a guess and say it would be used as a way to link headlines from other sites to yours in phpnuke. Could someone clarify its usage to me in semi-technical jargin? Thx much, Haik PS. Where would I go to find a gallery module for phpnuke? don't remember seeing one listed in the module pack
  8. so I have www.waiparous.com and I want it to redirect to www.waiparous.com/nuke when I do this in cpanel and then test it, it tries to find www.waiparous.com/nuke/nuke/nuke/nuke/nuke/nuke/nuke ect..... whats up with that and how would I fix it? I imagine it something simple that I've overlooked Haik
  9. Networksolutions is also giving me a headache. I'm trying to transfer my domain over to TCH but they offer no information on how to do it. I've spent over 2 hours combing their site and found nothing so far. My domain transfer failed due to the registrar-lock, but the dns that networksolutions is pointing to is now NS17.WORLDNIC.COM NS18.WORLDNIC.COM That is TCH right? I turned off the domain protect option, heres a copy of what that looked like... I imagine that is what is keeping my transfer from going through. Am I correct in assuming that? Anyway, I'm not happy at all with networksolutions. I have so many questions for them and it seems like I'm talking to a robot who has no answers. Yet another reason why TCH seems awsome. The human element should never be replaced. *edit* of course 2 seconds after I post this I look back and find this under my nose: I think things are going as they should, just going to take 36 hours is all. Once that time is up should I click the re-initiate link in my email?
  10. my paypal bank transfer just completed this morning. I attempted to transfer my registration and purchase the silver plan with my paypal account but it still wanted me to add a credit card. I was not aware that a card was needed even when paying with paypal. I don't have a credit card, is their some other option?
  11. I imploded my site. First time I didn't do a backup before making major changes and sure as $^#* it had to happen then heh. So yea, this is why I figured its about time to go to a real host I think I'm going to try and a build using phpnuke. it looks nifty. Still waiting on the transfer of $$ to my paypal, I'd guess middle of next week.
  12. By reputation I have chosen TCH as a new home. I think I've got the process figured out after reading a few pages throughout your site. I currently own waiparous.com and I want to transfer it to here. I also want to get the silver plan and pay yearly through paypal. My paypal request has gone in and I should have access to the coin by Monday. Should I transfer the domain first and then purchase a years hosting or just do it all at once? From what I gather, it would be a better idea to to the transfer first. I've been doing this web stuff long enough to call myself an educated novice so excuse me if I ask any dumb questions hehe. Haik.
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