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Of all the things I know about htaccess, this is my most probalmatic one.


Basically, my domain when acccessed is www.**** which has the index.html file as its first file.


However, i want to change this to be say indexa.html


Now, i need to use .htaccess to do this, because I am working on an upgrade and hence i need the index.html page still to be present but accessible yet not the default page.


However, if I use DirectoryIndex indexa.html, all the folders below the main root change to this too. How can i set it for only the top folder?



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DirectoryIndex allows multiple arguments - if it can't find the first one you specify, it looks for the second.


Making the .htaccess in the website root say:


>DirectoryIndex indexa.html index.html


Will tell it to FIRST look for a file called indexa.html, and then if it can't find one, look for index.html.


This should solve your problem as long as there are no indexa.html's in your subdirs.

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snipe, thank your for helping me (indirectly) with the .htaccess "DirectoryIndex"


This works great as a internal redirector.


I needed www.**** to go to www.****/store/index.php


I used

>DirectoryIndex /store/index.php


This worked perfectly!


Hopes this helps others

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I'm glad it's working for you. Just wanted to throw in that when I do that kind of thing I just rename my stable file to index.html and work on indexa.html. I can go to the test version in the URL and it doesn't break anyone else coming to my site.


Just a though.

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