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Yay! I'm An Official Blogger!


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Hey everybody!


I just had to exclaim how excited I am that I got my first official comment today to my blog! And to top it off, it wasn't even from someone in my family! I was especially impressed that the commenter noted my accessibility statement and that I had made my site accessible. Considering the amount of time I took putting the site together, I'm glad to know that the extra work I spent ahead of time is being noticed and has paid off.


Anyway, I just wanted to express my excitement to people who would understand the reason and extent of my elation!


Yay!!! :ph34r:

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Hey!  I commented first *sniffs*


*grins* I'm so happy that you finally got it running live.  Congratulations kasey.  I know how hard you've worked on it, and it looks beautiful. =)

You are so right, Lisa! You were the very first commenter ever. #1, the leader of the pack, the trendsetter, etc. etc. :lol: I guess I should have phrased it better ... more along the lines of "my first **unsolicited** comment".


Ha! You got me on that one!


Thanks for the compliments, too! :ph34r:

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Nice job Kasey - I'm impressed!! I left a comment for you and added it to my favorites. Wow, I am such a slug! I really need to stop making excuses and actually start doing something now with all this space Bill keeps heaping on us!


Really, really great site Kasey - have fun!! Thumbs Up

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You could do that brich - I have faith in you. :( But your blog is great the way it is too. :)

Thank you! You're so sweet! :)


Maybe this Fall when the weather turns cold again I'll find time to learn MT. Right now there's too much to do outside! I can't sit still long enough now!


I admire Kasey's work and the effort she's putting into learning MT and implementing it. She's done great! :)

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I don't understand how l could find your url in my referrers... maybe a cat's blog and a dog's blog united by friendship? :P

Isn't that odd? Maybe it's some sort of canine/feline psychic link. I've been to your site before, but I don't know a lick (ha...get it?) of Italian, I've never done anything but admire the artwork.


Either way, I guess your BlackCat likes my PudgyPuppy! Hee hee ;)

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Thanks to everyone who's stopped by for a visit and left some comments...they really lifted my spirits!


And also, thanks to everyone for the very kind compliments about my site. *blushing* I guess you could call it a labor of love. I had no idea how challenging MT would be. I thought it was one of those plug-n-play sort of software apps. I had no idea how many different bits can be toggled here, there, everywhere. Some things give me big headaches, but once I learn how to straighten them out, I start having a grand ole time once again!


Thank you all for visiting!

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Nice job Kasey - I'm impressed!! I left a comment for you and added it to my favorites.

Wow, you added me to your favorites? *blushing big time* I can only say "thanks." Kinda lame to not have something more profound, but I'm too excited/happy to think of anything better!



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