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  1. Have you tried scolling down below the brushes as it puts the newly loaded brushes at the end of the current ones, unless you load the bruses and replace the preset ones there already. That last link I gave you is a very useful resource.
  2. Here is a very useful link for you http://photoshopnews.com/
  3. Welcome to the forums Andrew. C:\WINDOWS\Fonts is the directory, that you put the fonts into. This is from the page that you put the link to How to install a font (more) Windows : Put the font files (.ttf, .otf, .fon) into C:\Windows\Fonts. Did you click on the word more, it is a link. Also you need to make sure that you load in the correct fonts are downloading them as well. Which font as an example are you trying to load into Photoshop.
  4. Don't know about the port, but you should be using the database name and password you have setup. That link is from navcat and has everything in there basically that you should be useing from what I could see. I had a relatviely good look around at the database side of things. If it is asking for an IP address then you would have received that in your welcome email when you started your hosting. Sorry can't be of anymore help about it than that.
  5. Creating a Database Creating databases and users is easy but not the most intuitive process. The first thing you need to do to create a database is actually the last item in the database section. Type the name of the database into the Db: field and then click on the Add Db button. A database will be created and its name will be displayed at the top of the page. The actual name of the database will be slightly different from the one you choose. The database will be created with your cPanel username and an underscore character added to the beginning of the name you chose when you created the database, for example, domain_mydatabase. Creating a Database User Creating a database just creates an empty shell, waiting for data. Before you can use the database, you will need to put at least one user into the database. To create a new user, you need to type a username and password into the user section of the database screen and then click Add User. This will create a user with the password you define. Never leave the password field blank. The database username will be your cPanel username followed by an underscore and then the username you chose. For example, domain_jeff Adding a User to a Database You aren't done yet. You now have to associate at least one user with a database. Just above the Add Db field is a set of drop-down lists. The first of these allows you to select a user that you have already created and the second allows you to select the database that you want to associate with that user. Click Add User to Db and you are done. You can add a single user to multiple databases if you want to. Once you add a user to the database you've created, you will notice that the listing for that database gets more detailed. It will show you the database name followed by some links to delete or repair the database and then it will show you every user in that database, along with sample code that shows you how to connect to the database in a PHP, Perl, or JDBC script (JDBC is only listed if your web host offers Java support). Then when you need to setup the parameters in the program to access the database use this link from navicat to help access. http://www.navicat.com/win_manual/RemoteConnect.html
  6. The main culprit for slow webpages is images, exactly as Andy said. Try saving the images as gif files or if you use photoshop, you can change the level down from say 10 to 6 for jpgs. Use save for web as well, that gives you a greater choice as well.
  7. You should be able to edit it from within cpanel/file manger/directory it is in. Select the file, not the icon and then click on edit on the top righthand listing. Don't forget to save it.
  8. Click you hit the nail on the head regarding why sometimes the servers are under a heavier load and why we ask that people ensure their scripts are current and secure.
  9. I recently had a problem with trying to get spam assassin working on my own email account and turned it back on. It still didn't catch the spam, none at all. After discussing with Mikem we tried something to see if it would resolve it and it appears to have done. What I did, was rename the .spamassassin directory to .sabackup after turning both spam assassin and the sapm assassin box off. Then re-enabled both of spam assassin options again. Leaving all the options blank except turning the level from default of 5 to 2 turned spam assassin back on again. Now instead of heaps of spam getting to my in box I get maybe 5 a day and use mailwasher to deal with those. Life is good. I then check using Horde once a day for emails that might have been trapped incorrectly add them to the white list and delete all the rest. Maybe try that and see if that works for you.
  10. I take it you have already opened a ticket on this issue you are having in tech support ??
  11. As long as your account isn't closed with TCH yet you can access your cPanel, using the IP address originally given to you in the welcome email, unless you have moved servers with us during your time here.
  12. Might be Ruby on Rails at last for everyone.
  13. You are best to check on the Joomla forums for support with Addons and Components as they would have more traffic about them. I use Joomla but not the components you are referencing. Also keep in mind that the Beta release for Joomla 1.5 has been released so it shouldn't be too long before a stable release of it is in the wind, probably 1st quater new year. Then it any sites will need to be ported over and that is still in discussions as the new version is a complete rewrite of the coding and slightly different admin structuring as well. The other thing there will be components and addons that need to be rewritten as well to work with the new version.
  14. Don't be concerned Betty, everyone has different levels of getting things done. Glad to see you actually work it out and know for the future and so will the techs. If they haven't replied to your ticket, just repost in it that you have fixed the problem and the ticket can be closed. They won't mind.
  15. After reading through the 4Images Support forums it would seem that the thumbnail problem is a common occurrance. Not being able to read German (I think it is), I have no solution for you other than, create the thumbnail and upload it when you upload the main image. Or move to Coppermine, in my opinion a much easier to use and setup gallery software and is free as well.
  16. I have always been impressed with TCH, so impressed I joined the team. Thanks for the words expressed and have a good safe Xmas as well.
  17. You only need SSL for that if you are going to be accepting payments other than Paypal. You don't need it if you are only testing it out. Get a feel for it first, it can be a bit of a pain, and support for it at times can be lacking. Also it is currently being rewritten from the ground up and in my opinion is well worth waiting for it when it arrives either this millenium or the next. Unless you are on a reseller account you can use the shared SSL in the meantime. As Don showed you have a look at the help site. And if the clients are going to run a shopping cart they should have their own SSL's not just one that covers all the clients. If they are going to use Paypal then you don't need SSL as they do it for you externally when the shoppers chose to pay.
  18. Hi Kenpotts, Have a look under the Fantastico Icon in your cPanel, there are a few in there.
  19. Hi harlequin, welcome to the forms. This link should help to resolve your issues. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id27.htm With SSL you need to change the sockets for it to work correctly. See this link http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id94.htm If you continue to have the problem please lodge a support ticket https://ssl.totalchoicehosting.com/supportdesk/
  20. Take care Jason, remember to wear the splint, that is very important post op.
  21. I think you will find they were playing games off camera to distract her, and she was apologising all the time if you watch the weather slides, they kept changing and she looked off camera as the weather people do as they stand next to blue/green screens and are projected on to the same screens with the weather etc. I've seen that clip before on TV.
  22. http://www.hotscripts.com/ http://www.hotscripts.com/search/13171294.html
  23. This might help. http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/22852 If you could post an example of what you are trying to do exactly, the directory structure etc. That would make is a bit easier to help you as well.
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