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  1. Hello everyone, With the holidays approaching, I just wanted to take some time to reflect upon what has occurred over the past year. One thought that came to my mind, which is why I am posting here tonight, is the thought of what TotalChoice Hosting has meant to me personally. I have been a TotalChoice Customer now for over two years. Over that time I have learned many things such as html, php, mysql to name a few as well as how coding and security effect the overall success of an individuals website, These things although quite important in the business of hosting a site are the least important thing that I have gained being a TCH Customer. During my time here at TCH I have been allowed to meet many extraordinary individuals whom have had plenty of knowledge to share. It has never ceased to amaze me how much the people at TCH are willing to lend their time to helping those whom are embarking on what may seem a very difficult task. TCH is exactly that TOTAL CHOICE HOSTING….. It was your choice to host with them, and I am a firm believer that after making that decision that the majority of you have come to learn that making that decision has been one without regret. The People that have shined over my time with TCH have included the owner Bill Kish, who has always taken time to respond to individual customer issues no matter what the issue may be. Dick D, who in every circumstance that I have ever had to deal with has been extremely professional and caring. The Tech Support Staff whom have had to deal with many issues ranging from a customers site not previewing as expected to the ever increasing problems outside any hosting companies arena such as security of scripts and email spam. The moderators such as Andy,Bruce,Thomas,Don,Jim and the so many others that make these forums alive and provide their knowledge and expertise in the many aspects of hosting a site. Without the dedication and support from the team here at TotalChoice Hosting you would not be reading this message nor would you be as happy as you are that you Made the Right Choice. I just want to thank each and every one of you for your support and dedication in providing me the best hosting a person or business could want. I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my Family and I and look forward to the many years of hosting ahead of us.
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