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  1. Well, I'm into moving it now. The spiffy WP export/import has gotten me to where I think I want to be. The users, however, would be in MySQL correct? I don't have many, so moving those by hand are fine rather than bothering the help desk. The 'overlaid' was that voyles.us is on top of danvoyles.us. You would think I could remember proper terminology, but I can't. Sad. Still, it turns out to be a non-issue. Right now, I'm rolling through the changeover and getting everything going again to be sure it works properly. I should have waited for your post, as it seems much simpler than my re-install and import/export. Especially since I had to cut up the export. php.ini limits the upload to 2MB, mine was 3.8MB.
  2. Just in case anyone comes across this in the future, Ping.fm will post over to MS from within WP via plugin thesedays.
  3. Hokay, the first and foremost thing I would like to accomplish is to move my blog to a different subdomain. I'm using Wordpress, and I have no idea where to begin. That, by itself is not such a big deal. I'm sure there are tutorials (maybe even here) that cover the matter in detail. After that, I would like to have my 'overlaid' domain be the default. This I'm sure will involve the help desk and probably be much more involved. The rest of the work is top-end, and I can do myself (new blogs, etc.). Anyone who knows more than me care to offer advice or doomsday prophecies?
  4. As usual, a simple fix I didn't figure out, and TCH rescues me. Thank you very much.
  5. Anyone know why one would start getting a blank page after upgrading to *.4? I'm frustrated, and it's late. Not important, since it's just my whining, but annoying to me. http://blog.danvoyles.us
  6. That is what I was using, and I got "Unable to connect to database".
  7. I just uploaded Wordpress mu to a subdomain, and it was going okay. For some reason, I couldn't get it to connect to the MySQL db. I used the credentials I found in Don's sticky regarding connecting, but no dice. There's little doubt in my mind the fault is mine, but I thought I would come here and ask you guys. I always seem to get through stuff with your help. Thoughts and suggestions are what I'm begging for.
  8. That's fine, and I understand. I have an old Dell 1750 I can throw it on, I just thought it would be easier to set up using the one-click install here. I would have to set it up locally anywho for the church's school eventually if they like it. Thanks for reaching into the 'archives' for me.
  9. Hey guys, I'm wanting to play with Moodle, and it is available with Fantastico (somewhere). Is this something that is there, just not shown to us or what? I understand that some things are made invisible for security, etc. Just asking because it looks interesting. Thanks as usual.
  10. Cool, I understand the removal. Just want to see you guys grow and spread the great TCH name.
  11. While I don't know if TCH cares, I came across a host-rating site that might be nice to have the company listed on. I'll list it, and if it shouldn't be linked I'm sure one of you guys can edit it out for me. I just want to spread the word about the great experiences I have had.
  12. I'm attempting to install a 3rd party bit to tinker with, and I don't know how the DB servers are named in TCH environments. That, and I'm learning... Can anyone shed light for me? Obviously the default 'localhost' failed. elgg.org before you ask. Thanks guys!
  13. That's what she say, but you can understand my nervousness.
  14. I keep getting a bunch of bogus registrations, I would guess from attempts to use the flaw. I did the upgrade, but I didn't get the upgrade screen like usual. Can someone or support take a look to be sure everything's correct? My password has already been compromised once, and I would prefer not to have it done again.
  15. It's pretty slick. I just performed the upgrade and all seems well.
  16. This seemed like the best slot to pop this into. Please move me if there is somewhere better I missed. My blog got pounded like Mike Tyson yesterday. I haven't tracked-down where from, but I'm sure the server logs will tell. I had ~100 unique and ~3k views. Does anyone have advice on how to get rid of these excessive views from what I am sure are junk-bots? Just gets annoying when these things keep scraping the site repeatedly for hours.
  17. Good service at a good price? Check. Constant uptime? Check. Fantastico functionality? Check. Helpful Help Desk? Check. Forums of use? Check. Employees and forum mods helping those of us learning? Check. Sense of family? Priceless. Seriously, I know this may be no big deal to you, but this kind of "over and above" help is why I host 2 domains, recommended another (he joined), and have at least another coming once his other hosting agreement is up. This really means a lot to me, especially in a day and age when most people and companies would say this is outside their required realm of support. I may be a small fish, but you guys are always so very helpful. [/weenie thank you] Thank you so very much.
  18. Here it is: http://www.ensellitis.com/wp-content/uploa...05/isolated.zip I haven't had time to mess with it today, so please don't think I'm just lazy.
  19. I toyed with those last night (midnight-ish), and kept getting errors on various lines. I think my problem is that I don't know where to slip in the php code exactly. Of course, I'm trying to tackle this on an unusual theme with 3 columns on my first try. I'll toy with it today as work permits and see if I can't get a better understanding. I just hate to manually put everything in sidebar in case I want to change it later. I did that with my last themes, and got decent, but now I'm spoiled by widgets. Still grateful for the suggestion, and I'm sure I'll be back with more questions about this.
  20. I've been playing with the sidebar.php, and functions.php but I can't seem to make it widget aware. I'm asking if anyone here has the experience and will to edit them for me. I will continue googling and playing with the code in the mean time.
  21. Oh, I got the email to reset, and it told me when I clicked the link that it was "a bad key" or some such.
  22. I can't imagine I wrote anything that got dugg. I suppose it's possible. If you don't think they'll get annoyed by the request, I would like to have them peer in and tell me what they think.
  23. Gee, you think the 3,000+ pageviews I've been getting with 50 unique visitors have been brute attempts perhaps? Seems weird that all other stats are normal, but the pageviews are so high. But why TF me? I dunno, just sucks.
  24. I was pretty nervous running through that, as I have 0 experience with MySQL, but it was copy/paste simple. Thank you very much Thomas!!!
  25. I tried the password retrieval, and it hasn't worked. I hesitate to send up the red flag that I've been hacked, but I don't see any other scenario. (although I am sure there are many) Any ideas of where I can go from here?
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