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  1. Well, I'll let this sit for a bit (I made a funny) and see if anyone has any ideas. Again, thanks to everyone for your help.
  2. So much for using photos.danvoyles.us. That kinda ticks me off.
  3. First, thank you all for your help. Second, am I the only one who can't see the images? I have tried from home on my Kubuntu box using FF and can't see even the frame for them. When I try from work using IE6 I can see the frames, but not the actual images. I get the joyous red X. Does this make sense? Finally, how do I go about updating the install? I'm not a command line pro or anything, and definitely not when it comes to servers. I would like to clean everything up and have it running properly. Not to mention this is all about experience for me.
  4. Hokay, as I have it now Coppermine is installed in danvoyles.us/photos. In Fantastico I installed to danvoyles.us then photos as the folder. Did I at least get that part correct? I'm not going to use a content management system with it, I am just planning on using it as it's own frontend. Kind of like photobucket. photos.danvoyles.us resolves to the Coppermine install, but the photos aren't showing. Perhaps I'm not getting it and it needs to be drawn out in crayon.
  5. Hokay, I think I'm making progress. CM is there, I used bulk add to put up a FEW test photos (4), but the thumbnails aren't showing. Neither are the pictures. If this is getting too annoying, just say so and I'll go to the CM support forums.
  6. Hokay. I was unaware that ....us/photos and photos.danvoyles.us were the same thing.
  7. So, just to be sure, I should NOT choose photos.danvoyles.us as the install domain and leave the directory empty? I SHOULD put CM in danvoyles.us and put the directory as photos? I just want to be sure before I do this again.
  8. That's a lot of information, but I think I followed okay. What I was trying to accomplish was installing CM into the root directory of "photos.danvoyles.us" as that is all I want to use that subdomain to do. Can that be done? (I'm ignoring the un- and re-installing for a moment to find this out.)
  9. Nope, still haven't gotten anywhere. I went to bed shortly after posting this, so it's sat all night. Thomas, I hope I didn't put some images I ddin't mean to up there. I would also like to know how I need to change the file permissions for when I do a bulk add. Do I need to change the permissions for the folders CM adds too AND where it pulls from or just one? A lot of questions I know, but I'm clueless. Please ask what you need to know and I'll check it out and get you details.
  10. I installed Coppermine at photos.danvoyles.us. I can't seem to view any of the 5 sample images I uploaded though. I have never used this software before, and I don't know a whole lot of anything about being an admin so I would appreciate any help. Edit: And now it won't even let me upload anything. I'm somewhat perplexed.
  11. I'm kinda looking for the same thing. I'm willing to accept a standalone gallery as well. Not trying to steal your thread, just looking for something similar.
  12. It's okay, if you did Google will just penalize me anyway.
  13. 3. This is my personal domain dedicated to my family and whatever I see fit. Including: Forums, Photos, and my personal blog! Can we adjust it to say that instead for the description? Otherwise thanks for the quick turnaround and proper link!
  14. 1. www.danvoyles.us 2. DanVoyles.us 3. This is my personal domain dedicated to my family and whatever I see fit. 4. This is just a personal site. 5. TotalChoice will be listed on the main page with other links and will open in the same window. Thanks for your time!
  15. I started my TCH account about 3 months ago with the expectation of nothing. I assumed there would be my server, alotted space, and super-basic setup instructions. This wouldn't have been too bad as I was just setting up a personal domain for fun and experience. I must say I have been throroughly shocked. Once I signed up and poked around a bit with cPanel there were toys (install scripts) that I didn't expect, and my server hasn't crashed once. THEN came the joys since then: more bandwidth, more space, Ruby (still haven't used it, but I will), Fantastico (even MORE scripts to play with), and a great, friendly, and helpful support family. I will say that even if the new/fun features hadn't been added I would still be here due to the personal level of support and friendship in the forums. I find it rare that a company anywhere can provide great service, features, AND a personal environment. I'm glad one of my buddies referred me to this organization. Now I'm off to find tutorials and see if I can figure out what some of these scripts use.
  16. On a positive note, I did get Xgl working on my Ubuntu laptop at work today. Only for about 10 minutes, but it was sweet while it lasted. Only 2 months until Dapper, only two months...
  17. Well, I was looking at the spiffy XGL graphics last night and tried to setup to use them. I learned how to fix a lot of things after it didn't work.
  18. Yeah, I'm sure someone will know. I've been Googling a lot, but can't find anything out there. It's times like these I wish I could program.
  19. I'm just curious if anyone has seen a desktop for KDE that comes anywhere near the Vista look. While I deplore M$ and their pay to play OS, I do think their upcoming desktop looks slick. I have heard rumours that the shading isn't possible in linux, but there has to be a way. There just has to be...
  20. Isn't there a FOSS to use that can feed from your Google Calendar? Maybe it's just a pipe dream.
  21. Thank you very much! I didn't think I had a chance. I'm giddy like a schoolgirl.
  22. Somebody ring that bell! Why did I ever agree to speed-dating?
  23. Of all the fish joints in all the world, you had to walk into mine...
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