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  1. http://web.archive.org/web/19961017235908/...www2.yahoo.com/ Yahoo (1996). See the websites (google, msn, aol,etc different old-is-gold designs) at this thread also: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=3547
  2. Even a (5$US/hour)newbie can design better websites than these: (if you are unable to open, then try after some time) MSN 1996: http://web.archive.org/web/19961022175327/...http://msn.com/ Google 1998: (Must see!) (didn't have a website before 1998) http://web.archive.org/web/19981111184551/...p://google.com/ Yahoo Indiatimes 1998: http://web.archive.org/web/19981111185752/...indiatimes.com/ Aol 1997: (best of all these lot) http://web.archive.org/web/19970421165310/...://www.aol.com/ Microsoft 1996: (should be named monopoly.com) http://web.archive.org/web/19961020014044/....microsoft.com/ Altavista 1996: http://web.archive.org/web/19961022174810/....altavista.com/ General Motors 1998: BIG JOKE!! http://web.archive.org/web/19981207060301/...eralmotors.com/ Ebay 1998: http://web.archive.org/web/19981202100451/...ttp://ebay.com/ Have a look at the current version of sites also!
  3. m3avrck if you really want to submit for free, then try a good company like: www.servicewrap.net/freewebsitepromotion.html Then will promote you for a small banner or link on your site. Here is one more: www.indiainternetmarketing.com (I am not related with them so do not worry). [edited by D. Scott Demmin, removed direct links to the two pages referenced above]
  4. ******************* I seem to have new page ranks this morning. the cutoff for being rated on some of the new pages is somewhere between 6/5/2003 and 6/23/2003 - as a 6/5 page now has a page rank that didn't and the 6/23 one doesn't. I think they changed some things though as a page that had a page rank of 2 and now has a 5 is LOWER on that search term than it was before. My rank went up from 2's and 3's to 5 and 6's - but overall I seem to have lost pace with some sites that moved up even more? Anyone with ideas for tweaking this, to improve next time, I'm all ears. (it appears this all flipping around a bit as I now see 3's again.) ******************* Pagerank is not everything when it comes to rankings of your website. Think about this: http://launch.yahoo.com/ It has a pagerank of 8. http://www.mp3.com http://www.winamp.com Check the pageranks of this sites. Now if you search for any music-related term in search engines, then (if pagerank was the only deciding factor) these websites would popup as first, second or third. Also, these sites have several pagerank 7 webpages too. So if all pagerank 7,8,9 webpages of these sites are considered, then atleast first 200 search results of every search engine would consist of these 3 sites only. (I am just giving an example. There are 100's of pagerank 8 music-related sites on net). So what about sites like your's? They won't be showing even within the first 1000 search results as your site has a pagerank of 5, while there are tons of other sites having even better pagerank. Instead of thinking of pagerank, try to improve on-page factors first. Then move towards off-page factors. Does your site's homepage use H1 , H2, H3, Italics, Bold headlines with each having the main keyword in it? If not, then first read about how to and complete your homework. After that, think about pagerank and links and other stuff. Hope this helps! Cheers, Onlinehelper
  5. Here is one more link: http://sitetipsandtricks.com/ If you want a few answers related to ASP, then: http://coveryourasp.com/ For some good free scripts, http://www.hotscripts.com http://worldwidemart.com/scripts/ http://www.scriptsearch.com/ http://php.resourceindex.com/ http://www.php-scripts.com/ If you need some readymade source codes of softwares, scripts, databases, etc....... http://www.planet-source-code.com/ MUST SEE!!!!! Huge site. http://www.vbcode.com/ http://www.codearchive.com/ Posting for some newbies out there.
  6. Don't worry. Google will index your site, but it needs some good links pointing back to your website. As more sites link back to your website, the frequency of googlebot will increase. Google has several robots, which visit websites. It also helps google to detect sites using techniques like cloaking, etc. If you do not receive enough reciprocal links, google will take months to index your full site. So start exchanging links with other sites and submit your site to Yahoo and Dmoz.org
  7. Here is a link to good tips and tricks for your websites: http://www.bravenet.com/reviews/archives/tips.php Have a look on the left side menu.
  8. *********** It is not? Onlinehelper, we shall see how TCH shall rank, give it a little time. *********** Link:www.totalchoicehosting.com At Google, the above search shows that TCH receives 234 links pointing to it. And I don't think any site will not be in the top 10 at google (for anchor text keywords, ofcourse), if it receives those many links. Atleast I am confident of what I am saying! I have placed a few websites in the top 10 at Google, with a few 100 links. It will be good if you start promoting TCH aggressively, and target free search engine traffic. By the way, do not target keywords like 'web hosting, hosting, cheap web hosting' , which you must be thinking of. Try something like: Google: inexpensive web hosting 2,00,000 competitors. lowcost web hosting 18,100 competitors. discount web hosting 7,87,000 affordable web site hosting 7,62,000 dedicated server web hosting 7,98,000 cheap hosting plan site web 1,62,000 . . . . . . . . The list goes on and on. You have to research and target your own keywords. If properly done, TCH can drag in 10,000+ free search engine visitors per month. Get a professional to work on it and your sales will double or tripple up within a few months. Suggestion: Those customers who place TCH banners on their sites, should place a text link too, saying 'low cost web hosting' and you will notice a huge difference in the rankings your site have at Google. Forward this suggestion to the Head Guru.
  9. Even Totalchoicehosting.com is not optimized for search engines! I think it gets most of it's traffic from FindMyHosting.com due to the excellent reviews and ratings posted by users. But Matt should try to optimize the for search engines! <head> <title>Web Hosting - Total Choice Web Hosting</title> <meta name="Description" CONTENT="Web hosting by Total Choice Web Hosting offers cheap web hosting."> <meta name="keywords" content="web hosting, hosting, cheap web hosting"> <meta name="language" content="en-us"> <meta name="robots" content="ALL,FOLLOW"> <meta name="Classification" content="Internet, web hosting"> <meta name="Rating" content="Safe for Kids"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> </head> <body link="#FFFFFF" bgcolor="#336699" vlink="#CC9900" text="#000000"> <div align="center"><!--This site is for Total Choice web hosting, they have web site hosting ( website hosting ) and domain hosting that is not cheap web hosting but inexpensive web hosting. --> <br>
  10. *************** It just recently got on google and yahoo but the only place it turns up is when u type in the actual name and even when that turns up it doesnt use the correct description i put in so basically its no help on the engines. *************** This is what I found on your site's homepage: <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="News, news, New, new, Technology, technology, Headlines, headlines, Nuke, nuke, PHP-Nuke, phpnuke, php-nuke, Geek, geek, Geeks, geeks, Hacker, hacker, Hackers, hackers, Linux, linux, Windows, windows, Software, software, Download, download, Downloads, downloads, Free, FREE, free, Community, community, MP3, mp3, Forum, forum, Forums, forums, Bulletin, bulletin, Board, board, Boards, boards, PHP, php, Survey, survey, Kernel, kernel, Comment, comment, Comments, comments, Portal, portal, ODP, odp, Open, open, Open Source, OpenSource, Opensource, opensource, open source, Free Software, FreeSoftware, Freesoftware, free software, GNU, gnu, GPL, gpl, License, license, Unix, UNIX, *nix, unix, MySQL, mysql, SQL, sql, Database, DataBase, Blogs, blogs, Blog, blog, database, Mandrake, mandrake, Red Hat, RedHat, red hat, Slackware, slackware, SUSE, SuSE, suse, Debian, debian, Gnome, GNOME, gnome, Kde, KDE, kde, Enlightenment, enlightenment, Interactive, interactive, Programming, programming, Extreme, extreme, Game, game, Games, games, Web Site, web site, Weblog, WebLog, weblog, Guru, GURU, guru, Oracle, oracle, db2, DB2, odbc, ODBC, plugin, plugins, Plugin, Plugins"> <META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="A never ending battle bewteen good and evil"> <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="INDEX, FOLLOW"> <META NAME="REVISIT-AFTER" CONTENT="1 DAYS"> ************** when u type in the actual name and even when that turns up it doesnt use the correct description i put in ************** Have a look at your description tag. You should put up a proper description for your site, which is rich with keywords that you want visitors to come on your site. Go here: http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinve...ory/suggestion/ And try to find out as to which are the most frequently searched keywords and phrases. Try to target two keywords, which have less competition and more searchers. Put up a description tag which starts with those keywords and repeat those keywords after 2 to 3 more words within the description. Build a decription tag this way. Submit your site to Yahoo and Dmoz.org and use the same keyword rich description. This way, the web searcher will see the description you have put up and will be most likely to visit your site. Most of the times Google uses the description from the Dmoz directory, if your site is listed there. Have a look at the META TAGS. What are you try to do? Try to get targeted traffic and not just any traffic. Unwanted traffic will not do any good. Remove the unwanted keywords from the meta tags. Your site will be considered as 'keyword spammer' by search engines. Use properly researched minimum keywords per webpage, for maximum results. Change the content of your site or webpage frequently or weekly and search engine robots will crawl your site again and again. Google loves content! Change your homepage. If you want traffic, put up a good keyword rich homepage, with minimum graphics. If you have enough traffic, keep your homepage as it is. Try to find high traffic/pagerank websites and exchange links with such sites. The more links your site gets, the better it is. The reciprocal links should have the keywords within the text, by which it points your website. Try to get 100 reciprocal links from similar gaming sites, with the keyword 'online gaming' as anchor text and your site will rank higher at Google and will bring in large amount of traffic. (this is just an example. Try to target a keyword which has more popularity and less websites coming up).
  11. ************ hello in march i have submited my site to search engine but for some reason i can't find it there www.theent.com???? already a month passed ************ Your site should be listed in Dmoz.org or Yahoo.com directory, if you want your site to get listed within top 100 search engines. If that is not possible, you should try to get as many reciprocal links as possible, from other sites. It helps to get your site indexed quickly. ************* It may help if you add some meta tags, for discription and keywords ************* This won't get your site indexed. It will help your site come up within search results for those keywords. There are several factors related to search engine ranking. ************* I have mentioned this before, but you should do more than just meta tags. Most search engines today do not use meta tags (google being most important). I would still add them for the few engines that do use them. ************* According to me, meta tags and description tags MUST be added. That is because, if the keywords are present in your description tag, then the whole description text is visible to the web searcher. This gives you a good chance to draw attention of the visitor to your site. Yes, meta tags are used by only a few search engines like Altavista.com ,etc. It won't help your site's rankings. Also, it does not cost you a single penny to add the meta & description tags. Just a few minutes. ************ google took four months (just found 3 days ago!) not too far off topic, how well does (meta tag) revisit-after work? ************ Revisit tag may help. But a better option is to modify your webpage content frequently. Simply add something new or delete a few lines. Make a table at the bottom of the webpage and keep on modifying it after every few days. It will make Google crawl your website more often. The best way is to add a news section at the bottom of the webpages and add the Revisit tags. Try those free news (content) syndication sites.
  12. ************ #1 - does a size of the list matter? ************ Yes, the number of keywords in the meta tags and the description matters a lot to search engines like Google. If you cross a specific limit, your site gets banned for keyword spamming. ************ #2 - Is it OK to place other web site names (competitors names) in my Keywords ************ Yes, you can place the website names of your competitors, as long as they are not copyrighted. The best way to get the number of keywords to be added in meta tags is by viewing the meta tags of your competitors coming up within top 10 search results at Google. You also get several new keywords from it. ************* When I look on my Site Reports in CPANEL is says GOOGLBOT has been to my site or spidered my site. This doesn't mean I will get posted to there engne will it? ************* If googlebot has visited your website, then your website will be added to Google's index soon. If you want your site to be added as soon as possible, then try to get as many reciprocal links as possible, from other similar themed sites.
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