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  1. I hope I don’t step on any toes here. I need to download a large number of pages from a website after I have navigated past login and a couple of sub pages. The downloaders I am seeing can’t handle the login part of things. 1.I have full legal access to the site. No limitations. 2.No It’s not I AM A SPAMMER. 3.No it’s not movies. It’s manuals. I am taking a trip where I will at best, have slow internet but I need to access the latest manuals and tips. Any suggestions ?
  2. I’m missing something here. I still cannot connect. I have tried an example from here, as well as the one in another book , but there has to be a point I am over looking. I have a simple database (names and addresses) I created through the 2 programs in Cpanel (Manage Mysql & Phpmyadmin). I learn by example. Could someone show what code I need to use to display the 1 record in my database. Screw security for now. Can I put everything in my Public/HTML folder until I get the hang of it? Lets pretend TCH login ID = johndoe Domain name = johndoe.com Database name= johndoe_test Table name = customers Field names = first and last Thanks for at least looking at my post.
  3. I don't remember the exact company. But it was through TCH.
  4. I just received an email from support@secureserver.net asking me to autorenew my domain name through them. It's getting close to my renewal date 'Tax Day'. I am always leary of anyone asking me to 'click here and give my credit card#'. Is this the proper way to renew?? Roy fixyourowntv.com
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    Firstly I'm not a wizzard at html. Mostly I copy and paste, then modify to suit my needs. So here goes. Every so often I get an email from someone who says they can't see the pictures on my site. I have been blowing it off since all my pages are identical as far as the header and menu sections. But then I was playing with php last weekend and I noticed something strange. If I type my url in the address bar directly ... http://www.fixyourowntv.com I have no pictures But if I select any other page on the menu, the pictures are there. And if I click the 'Return Home' on the left , the pictures are back on the main page. I don't know if this makes any difference but all my pages have the extention of .html . Thanks Roy
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    I just started playing with PHP so forgive me if it's a dumb question. Since I use dialup, I want to try my web pages on machine before I upload to my site. Is there something I can download to allow my machine to mimic the results of the web server? Roy
  7. But I have 547 "Total Visits" and 563 "Total Unique Sites" Go figure that one?
  8. What is the best measure of people coming to my site?
  9. Do references to web sites in fourms (like here) account for much with the bots? Or is it mostly link pages?
  10. After waiting impatiently a Googlebot dropped by my site. But it was only a 7.4kb visit. Thats about 1 page without graphics. Any ideas as to why? http://www.fixyourowntv.com/
  11. Are disclaimers a good idea? Is there a place where we can copy generic disclaimers?
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