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  1. They certainly did and very quickly too! Thanks so much.
  2. Hi Bruce. The "2"at the end of mt-config.cgi2, is a footnote. This is not a valid filename. The page I'm referencing is here. Footnote 2 says: I'm running 3.33 I sent two messages from my account and neither went through. I'll get with support. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'd been having some problems with my site (plugins disappeared etc) but TCH got that going again, great guys. Now I'm on a new server. Since the switch, I'm not getting email notifications of new comments. None of my settings have changed in the UI. I have a good address in my mt-config.cgi. MT suggests: So having done all as suggested, my question is how to make sure the sendmail on the server is working properly. Thanks
  4. oh no, I don't want to go and do something like running my own server! Heaven forbid! Trust me, I already have a well established career in a totally different field and have no desire whatsoever to change horses midstream. I mean, I still don't know all there is about my field, why would I want to get into yours? I just want to be less clueless and less of a drain on the intellectual resources here. I just want to understand more. I had gone to B&N and browsed the stacks regarding php/perl/mysql but my eyes glazed over. I appreciate your advice and will shop amazon later today.
  5. I don't know anything but I can read a manual. I mean, I managed to install movable type so that says I'm persistent if nothing else. I would like a book recommendation that will help me manage the back end of my site. The whole CP interface, some kind of dummies guide to whatever those php, sql and apache thingies are. I mean, I'm not quite that dumb but assume I know nothing...what books should I buy? I appreciate your advice, thanks.
  6. Hi, sorry to be such a nube, but how does one use mod_rewrite (or even find it first) in order to effect this? Second, I'm sure the script or coding will be nothing less than enigmatic to me so how/where do I find samples to work from? I looked in cpanel's user manual but there's nothing relating to mod_rewrite (at least nothing one can find by searching with that keyword). I also searched this forum and found that mod_rewrite relates in some way to htaccess (something else I don't know how to fiddle with) which led me to this page (which seems like it'd write the stuff for me if I knew what to plug in where). Better yet, what kind of book or manual should I purchase that would help me the most with managing the back end of my website? I don't want to bug people with basic stuff if there's a way that I can help myself and be less of a pest. I'm willing to take responsibility to learn this stuff if I knew enough to know what I'm supposed to be looking for. Thanks so much.
  7. Then don't use movable type! It's not simple and it's far from simple to upgrade. At least WP is easily updated (judging from what you're saying). Btw, I use MT and I'm largely satisfied with my choice (I have a commercial license). Still, I'd been thinking of using WP for a new blog I'm starting but now I'm wondering if I should. I mean, I can use MT under my license but I was thinking I wanted to learn something new and work with a new program. Should I drop WP from consideration? I've got it loaded but haven't fiddled with it much.
  8. Hi Bruce I did submit a help ticket. I think there is another problem because I got a message saying the stats were being run and that it'd be updated in a few minutes. I wrote back three or four times in a 36 hour period; each time the techs said they were re-runnng them. Finally, I did see a change on the 30th but it was an incomplete count and the past stats were not updated and actually, they're still registering zeros in the subsequent days (I usually get a partial count for the current day but I also show zero for june 1) following my submitted help ticket. Here are the stats: 25 May 2006 1658 4863 8129 192.92 MB (incomplete; I'm getting closer to 2200-2400 per day) 26 May 2006 0 0 0 0 27 May 2006 0 0 0 0 28 May 2006 0 0 0 0 29 May 2006 0 0 0 0 30 May 2006 414 1238 2353 48.87 MB 31 May 2006 0 0 0 0
  9. Off and on I have this problem. Usually I submit a help ticket and the stats are updated. However, over the past several days I've emailed back and forth (via a help ticket) to have the problem addressed but it's still not working. Normally I get about 2,000 visitors a day but am showing a total of 400 or so for one *week*. I've lost a week's worth of stats. Is it worth it to buy a separate site traffic reporting program? I have two freebies now, neither of which record all my visitors; they only get about half of them.
  10. Hi All, This is nothing new but when rebuilding my individual archives, I get this message fairly frequently: Since I've given up trying to install ver 3.2 (I did install 3.17 myself), I'm considering paying Six apart to install it for me. Problem is, they won't install the upgrade if I'm having errors of any kind. I'm going through MT tech support to trouble shoot the above problem and now they've asked me if and the error logs I can access all say the same thing which is: and the only thing that ever varies are the ip addresses. I've pretty much always ignored the above because I've never had a problem loading my site and nobody's ever said anything either. anyway, this log doesn't mention anything about the errors I'm getting when I rebuild individual archives. Am I looking in the wrong place? thanks everybody.
  11. You know, I don't know what happy accident led me to find TCH but it is the best thing I could have ever hoped for in a webhosting company. You know, most companies are fine day in and day out; it's when you come to crunch time that your choice in a webhosting company really matters and short of a crisis, how will you know who to go with? Okay, here's your typical nightmare scenario...you're upgrading your site (having done all of the requisite back ups you're supposed to do etc, I'm not a dummy although in my defense I'll say I was upgrading my install of movable type) and the absolute worst happens (my smartftp wasn't so smart after all) and my upgrade tanked (again not unusual with MT) and my site was down with no hope for recovery, 10 months of entries down the tube. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Okay, and I'll admit, I kind of, sort of, well -deleted my mt folder by accident but I'll say in my defense that cpanel can be kind of confusing when if comes to file selection and I'm new to it, but anyway... ...I sent in a help ticket on THANKSGIVING and had a technician waiting to restore my site IN LESS THAN 3 MINUTES! All I can say is that if you're here because you've been burnt before and want to see what kind of hosting company this is, you cannot find a better choice. I'd been delighted previously, and after this, I just don't know how I could be any happier. Read this entry on my site; I told the world how great this company is.
  12. Yes, it will be just one domain per account, I'm not a reseller. I asked this question only after reading some questions from other people but I guess they were resellers. thanks for the response.
  13. I've been thrilled with TCH so I'd like to move 2 of my sites here from Yahoo (yeah, I know. I didn't know any better before). I have a couple of questions. First, can I buy the other site hosting plans and set up my sites here before I make the switch with my registrar to point here? I'd like to make a smooth transition. If so, is there a trick to it? My biggest concern is whether it will it be possible for me to keep an exact address -http://designer-entrepreneurs.com/blog/illustrations/- which is the address I've been using as a place to load photos for my existing tch site. It would be untenable to go back and change all the links to my photos. Two, do I have to submit a help ticket to ensure they have my sites tied into what I consider my main account? Thank you muchly, no hurry on a response; I won't be doing it for at least another week.
  14. LOL! Don, you devil. Okay, install is gone now. I guess deleting all the files rather than the entire directory was the kicker. It works now. you're a doll. thanks! Kathleen
  15. I had a phpbb before but it got hacked so I'm starting over. I guess there's no way to recover everything I lost since I didn't back it up thru cpanel. Anyway, I used the handy one click install as before, placing it at http://www.fashion-incubator.com/phpbb/ Now I'm trying to log in to configure it for usage but clicking on "login" or "register" does nothing. I mean, the address bar changes but I don't get a page where I can login. You can see what I mean by trying it yourself at the above address. Also, the message on the page reads "Please ensure both the install/ and contrib/ directories are deleted" which I did. Does it matter that I did this before I tried my initial login? Thanks everyone. Kathleen
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