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  1. MT has been creating server overloads on my site and not sending out notification pings. The service was just suspended and nobody has replied to my first question: how do I access a suspended site so I can fix it? Last night, with assistance, the site was upgraded to 3.3 but the problem did not go away. So the next step was going to be to switch to the use of a mysql database. But the person helping me can't do that if we can't access the site. It was suggested I switch to WordPress and I noted that it can be automatically installed with fantastico - I am not thrilled about the idea of having to learn to create the home page in a new form of software at a time when I am super busy and would rather be writing blog posts. But it may be possible to convince me...
  2. I thought I set up e-mail to forward to my isp account, including all mail to an address for which no account has been set up (e.g., "whoever"@mydomain.org). I am only able to receive and retrieve e-mail directly from an account specifically set up. And mail is not being forwarded. I can live with this and set up outlook to regularly check multiple accounts but I wonder if I am missing something - (besides all of those test messages that don't show up anywhere and don't bounce back either). I do like all of the options available on the TC interface but... so there is so much to learn!
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