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  1. Server76 is still going. The user currently being converted is signist. Please note that server93 had been already converted to maildir as we restored it after a hard disk crash a few weeks ago. Hence, once we are done with server76, all TCH shared/reseller servers are in maildir format.
  2. server89. All servers except server76 are done. It is still going and currently at nbateam.
  3. We are currently working on the above servers.
  4. All servers done. The following servers have been scheduled to Saturday night. server76.tchmachines.com server78.tchmachines.com server8.tchmachines.com server83.snhdns.com server89.tchmachines.com server98.tchmachines.com
  5. We are currently working on the above serves. Updates to follow.
  6. All the above servers have been converted to the maildir format without any errors. Here are the servers scheduled to tonight. server21.snhdns.com server32.snhdns.com server49.tchmachines.com server52.snhdns.com server54.tchmachines.com server6.tchmachines.com server61.tchmachines.com server70.tchmachines.com
  7. We are going to kick off the maildir conversion on the above.
  8. Server24 is also done. We have checked all servers and made sure that mail service is running fine. We will be working on the following servers tonight. server27.tchmachines.com server60.tchmachines.com server101.tchmachines.com server105.tchmachines.com server11.tchmachines.com inysh.snhdns.com server12.snhdns.com server14.tchmachines.com
  9. All servers except server24 are done. The user currently being converted on s24 is 'bordumb'.
  10. We are currently working on the above servers. Updates to follow.
  11. All servers done. Feel free to open a ticket if you are having any issues with sending or receiving emails. Following servers are slated for tonight. ukatis.tchmachines.com server300.snhdns.com server301.tchmachines.com server302.tchmachines.com kamino.tchmachines.com saijo.tchmachines.com fresia.tchmachines.com server24.tchmachines.com
  12. All servers except server94 are done. Server94 is still going on and the user curently being converted is oscgzsql.
  13. We are currently working on the above servers. I will update this thread when it is complete.
  14. Maildir conversion is complete on all servers and everything appears to be working fine. If you have any issues please open a helpdesk ticket. Following servers will go as the next batch: naboo.tchmachines.com dantooine.tchmachines.com server390.snhdns.com utapau.tchmachines.com server92.tchmachines.com server94.tchmachines.com kalee.snhdns.com byss.tchmachines.com
  15. Due to some technical reasons we couldn't start with the maildir conversions at the scheduled time. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. We have now started the conversion process on all scheduled servers. Will update you once we are done.
  16. All servers done. Exim runs fine on all servers. If you have any issues please open a ticket. We will be working on the following servers tonight. server365.snhdns.com server67.snhdns.com coruscant.snhdns.com hoth.tchmachines.com server373.snhdns.com server374.tchmachines.com server375.tchmachines.com server379.tchmachines.com
  17. We are currently working on the above listed servers.
  18. Server43 is done. All the servers in the above batch have been converted to maildir format without any errors. The next batch has been scheduled to Saturday night 11:30PM EDT. ophideran.tchmachines.com mandalore.tchmachines.com plavin.tchmachines.com vortex.tchmachines.com yavin.tchmachines.com ossus.tchmachines.com kashyk.snhdns.com server364.tchmachines.com
  19. All servers except server43 have been successfully converted. Server43 is still going on and the account currently being converted is totalda.
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