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  1. We are currently working on the servers listed above. Will update you once we are done. Stay tuned.
  2. Thanks Bob! The mysql thing has been already taken care of as we discussed. it is no way related to the permission issue. I will review accounts after migration of next batch of servers to figure out the permission issue though it doesn't appear to be a server wide issue.
  3. I checked your account that was previously on server110 (now abraxas) and couldn't find any directories with 777 permission. I guess you changed it back. Well, I reviewed the backup that was used to restore the account and couldn't find any such folders there as well. It could be somehow related to the script that cpanel uses to restore permission and ownership on files/folders after restoring home directories, but I need to double check this. For further investigation, I would need the locations of the directories in question and the databases that reappeared. Can you open a trouble ticket with the above details and request them to escalate it to me. Thanks!
  4. So sorry to hear that Thomas. Take care.
  5. May be a machine that can automatically feed me when it's time for food. Or was that already done Did I forget something..hmm.. ahh yes, Merry X'mas to all!!
  6. Linux.. linux and linux only. I use Mandriva in my laptop and CentOS in my desktop. I have Windows XP Home in my desktop. But, I use it only for checking my APC backup and testing FrontPage extensions issues.
  7. Welcome to the forums, Todd. Feel free to open a ticket if you ever have an issue. And keep up the good work Alex.
  8. Bill is going to send us all a Large pizza.. He's on his way to Pizza Hut now!!! Kidding.... Bookmarked this page so I won't miss the great announcement.
  9. STRANGLERS Next artist: Shania Twain
  10. Wouldn't It Be Good Next Smokie
  11. Added more servers for this week. # # Stage IV (10) # server115 server116 server35 server38 server47 server5 server52 server71 server74 server93
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