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  1. Incremental backup has succefully finished on all the servers in Stage I and Stage II. So, we have added more servers into the list. # # Stage III (37) # server102 server103 server105 server106 server107 server108 server14 server15 server16 server44 server49 server51 server54 server56 server60 server65 server66 server67 server69 server70 server73 server76 server77 server78 server8 server80 server81 server382 server83 server385 server386 server387 server90 server94 server97 server98 server99 More updates forthcoming.
  2. An update: (sorry for the delay) Incremental backup will run on the following servers in this week end. # Stage I (10 servers) # server100 server114 server11 server20 server63 server75 server84 server89 server92 uk1 # # Stage II (16 servers) # server6 server12 server19 server21 server32 server39 server45 server46 server50 server59 server101 server104 server109 server110 server111 server112 This will be the second run on the servers in Stage 1. We are all excited about this and we will be watching very closely on the success of this first stage of servers. Will update you all after the first day of weekly backups (SATURDAY).
  3. Yes borfast, it is possible in Linux also... and we don't need any 3rd party software if in case we would switch to it. With almost double the space used by an incremental backup 3 or 4 different snaps can be kept. Who knows there won't be another great announcement from Bill.
  4. Just a follow up to the wonderful description of the new Backup system from our Head Guru. The weekly backup system will be switched to uncompressed, incremental backup from the conventional compressed one. As Head Guru has already explained, a major share of the load caused during backup runs is caused by the compression of data. Ofcourse, it takes only half the disk space an incremental backup would take. But, the high load during the data compression often causes the backup process to fail and we struggle to make it up to date. Incremental backup will need more disk space, almost double the space needed by compressed backup. The first time when it runs high loads can be expected since it takes a full backup, but not so high as in previous case since there's no compression. From the very next run, only new accounts and additional bytes in existing accounts will be trasferred. That means, if you have modified a file after the last incremental backup, it will sync only the changes you made, next time when it runs. Any files that were deleted after the last backup will be removed from the backup folders. The basic construct used for the transfer is rsync, which is well known for its efficiency and flexibility. We will introduce it on the 10 servers given above. Depending on the feedbacks, we will go ahead and implement it on other servers. P'ps, CVS style of backup is the perfect backup system. But, it is not feasible at this stage on our shared servers. But, once if we make our backups the most reliable and up to date than it ever been, I guess Bill will think what's next..
  5. Thanks to all... Bill, I would like to sincerely thank you for this great offer. I am looking forward to my new responsibilities. I am sure that this is a more responsible position and will do my best to discharge the duties. Once again, thank you all folks..!!
  6. Congrats Aaron.. and welcome to the TCH team.
  7. TCH-Vivek


    I would suggest Ubuntu for beginners. It's built up on Debian architecture and provides a very good GUI, methods for easy installations/upgrades, good support, a large number of reliable free software and more. They release a new version in every six months. Knoppix is good as well. You can order your free CD of Ubuntuhere. Still, personally I would prefer to stick on to my CentOS-3.5
  8. Hi, Some of you may be aware of an Easter Egg in MS Excel. An easter egg is something that programmers do for fun when they are bored with their usual works. And there's such a stuff in MS Excel which is a cool car game. Just try out the following steps: 1. Open Excel 2000. 2. Go to File, Save as Web Page. 3, Then click Publish. 4. Check the checkbox that says "Add Interactively With". 5. Click Publish. 6. Close Excel. 7. Open IE. 8. Click File, Open, Browse. 9. Go to where you saved it and click open. 10.Now you should be looking at a spreadsheet. 11. Go to all the way to row 2000. 12. Click column A and drag all the way to column ZZ. 13. Hit Tab and it should take you back to A. 14. Hold Tab all the way to column WC. (Press shift Tab in case you move back). 15. When you get there make sure WC is a white box and all the others are blue or green.. 16. Hold Ctrl+alt+shift and left click on the "four puzzle pieces" thing (The MS Excel Logo) on the upper left hand corner.. Enjoy...!!!
  9. Congrats Billy.... that's a nice catch. And folks, there's no wonder in this achievement.. he was trained by his great dad. Bill, you can be proud of him. Certainly, it brings back memories... But, I was never a good fisher..
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