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  1. Following servers have been converted to the maildir format: server387, server39, server40, tarvis, server46
  2. We will start the conversion on the above servers in a few. Watch this thread for updates.
  3. All servers done. Feel free to open a helpdesk ticket if you have any issues. Servers to go in the next batch follows. server387.tchmachines.com server39.snhdns.com server4.tchmachines.com server40.tchmachines.com server43.tchmachines.com tarvis.tchmachines.com server46.tchmachines.com server47.snhdns.com
  4. All servers except server384 have been successfully converted to maildir system. 384 still going.
  5. We will be kicking off maildir conversion on above servers shortly.
  6. All servers done. The next batch of servers to go follows: quanton.tchmachines.com jandoon.snhdns.com bespin.tchmachines.com ansek.tchmachines.com ithor.tchmachines.com server384.snhdns.com felucia.tchmachines.com server386.tchmachines.com
  7. Sorry for confusing you. I was talking about the servers that were scheduled for the conversion tonight. If you still have an issue and can't fix it by re subscribing to the mail directories as described in Dick's post, please open a ticket with us. Also, make sure you provide the login details needed for reproducing the issue. So far server335, server345 and server366 in the above list have been successfully converted to maildir format.
  8. Maildir conversion on the above servers will be started shortly.
  9. All servers done. I have checked all servers converted tonight and made sure that everything is working fine. But, if you experience any issues please raise a helpdesk ticket. The next batch of servers follows: endor.tchmachines.com zeltros.tchmachines.com server345.snhdns.com server335.tchmachines.com widek.tchmachines.com server366.tchmachines.com server369.tchmachines.com xerxes.tchmachines.com
  10. All servers except R2d2 are done. I have confirmed that exim is working fine on the servers where the conversion is complete. The user currently being converted on R2d2 is theobal.
  11. I cannot see any errors with the helpdesk. Please retry. We have started with the servers listed above.
  12. All servers are done. We have confirmed that mail service is running fine on all servers. if you have an issue feel free to open a ticket. We will be working on the next batch tonight: r2d2.tchmachines.com danuta.snhdns.com elom.tchmachines.com server31.tchmachines.com server315.snhdns.com server316.tchmachines.com server329.tchmachines.com luke.tchmachines.com
  13. 317 is still going on. Some heavy mailboxes are causing the delay. Currently converting the mailboxes of the user wolfmov.
  14. server319 and server320 are done. Server317 still going on.
  15. The following servers are done: server125 server126 server127 server128
  16. We are currently working on the above servers.
  17. All the above servers have been converted successfully into maildir format. Please raise a helpdesk ticket if you have any issues. We will be working on the next batch tonight. server3124.tchmachines.com server125.tchmachines.com server126.snhdns.com server127.tchmachines.com server128.tchmachines.com server317.tchmachines.com server319.snhdns.com server320.tchmachines.com
  18. We will be starting with the above servers in a few. Please note that server115 had been migrated to the TCH Noc as almania.tchmachines.com. Sorry for using the old hostname.
  19. We apologize for the confusion caused. We will make sure the next batch of servers are posted here in advance from here onwards. The next 8 servers that will be go in the next batch, on Saturday night (11:30PM EDT) are: server115.tchmachines.com server117.tchmachines.com server118.snhdns.com server119.tchmachines.com server120.tchmachines.com server121.tchmachines.com server122.tchmachines.com server123.tchmachines.com
  20. Done. We have tested the servers and confirmed that exim is working fine.
  21. We will be starting with the conversion in a few on the following servers: dagobah.tchmachines.com korriban.tchmachines.com server108.tchmachines.com ambria.tchmachines.com abraxas.tchmachines.com applecore.snhdns.com server112.tchmachines.com server114.tchmachines.com Updates to follow.
  22. server10 done. Everything looks good so far. if you have any issues please raise a helpdesk ticket.
  23. Geonosis, 102, 103 and 104 done. Server10 still going.
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