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  1. We have tested Apache2 upgrade on our test servers and confirmed that everything works smooth as intended. We will now continue with the test by taking three live servers to study any real world issues that might occur. Following servers have been scheduled for 9th Jan, Wednesday, 11:30PM EST for the upgrade : naboo matra server125 In the meanwhile let's continue with the discussion about additional modules needed etc. Josh, can you just get us a link to the mod_nerd page. We will take a look
  2. Here's one from my collection. I think panoramic view of a bridge would be nice to see.
  3. Here's a decorated X'mas tree. It was shot by my wife on her mobile camera. I wish to see the photo of a bright X'mas star!
  4. We have no snow over here but I love it. Actually, Dick sent me this picture. Hope he will forgive me for not asking his permission :-D Would like to see a pine tree.
  5. LOL Thomas, I had missed your post. And can't stop laughing when I saw that today.. lol.
  6. Words are not enough when hearts are broken.. We can never forget you Don. You were a big brother to all of us and inspired us by the way you faced problems, with a smile. We can never forget you my friend. Rest in peace.
  7. Welcome to the forum Charlielha. I think this problem was fixed by Carl by installing ghostscripts. Can you please double check and let me know if it was not. Thanks
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