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  1. Trying to reply... My problem might be due to the modem. I use my old ISP service but with the new modem,the problem was gone.
  2. Thanks,but in the folder templates I can't add any PHP code.
  3. Looking fine at this moment Testing...... edited:I can post again!
  4. The LCD is said to be free,but my monthly fee is high
  5. I decided to move a few weeks ago,because the ISP service plan have a LCD as gift
  6. Thank you,I will change my ISP next month.
  7. It is some problems from my ISP,but my problem is not caused my ISP "caches" the domain.I tested two times(upgraded by adding testing words),the first time I browsed my site with http://www.alexsky.com,failed.In second time I browsed my site with http://server29'sIP/~alexsky,this time OK.
  8. If you have noticed my questions earlier,you may know my situation.I can't see the upgrades and can't see the lastest record of guestbook immediately,while others do not have problem when browsing my site.It is supposed the problem of my ISP. This morning I found the troubles are gone with the following domain names : http://server29.totalchoicehosting.com/~alexsky and I can see the upgrades immediately with these domains but not with http://www.alexsky.com What is the problem??
  9. turtle,there is a field called timestamp,the date of a comment is written into it.But when I use it as $com[timestamp],I get the date in Unix time format(e.g. 1058615140),do you know how to change it into normal date format that can be understood by people.
  10. turtle,I have been talking on the adv.guestbook support forum for a few days,they have no idea.And Jared(the author) has gone.
  11. I see.Do you think it is possible to add a new VAR to add the record.I'm learning PHP,but the folder lib(mySQL) is very complex.
  12. turtle,please teach me to add the date record for replies!
  13. Thank for adding "FAST REPLY" so I can reply here
  14. Hi Russ,it is indeed possible to add a background image,add a new logo and also customize the "look" of the guestbook. (1)To add a background image,look into the header.php ,then find <body bgcolor ="................................" add background="http://www.yoursite.com/yourimage". (2)To have your own logo,just rename yours to logo.gif(if ver 2.3.1 then gbook.gif) and overwrite the one that is in your ftp.Don't forget to change the size of the logo.gif in the body.php,otherwise your own logo will be resized. (3)To customize the "look" of the guestbook is even easier,you can go to admin section and have a look,there you can change the text color,text font size,etc. You can go to my guestbook and have a look.It is at www.alexsky.com/guestbook Have fun
  15. Yes,I also see there was ".spamkey" in my ftp a few days ago,but I don't know where it is now(auto gone).
  16. Thank you Jimuni ! I tested the guestbooks in library. I think the ISP of the library computers have some problem,almost all the adv.guestbooks(some do not in TCH server) I tested by those computers have the problem I said before(can't see the lastest record),including Lianna's and the offical adv.guestbook,remember I have no problem with these two guestbooks at home. I asked some friends to test my guestbook,still waiting the result.
  17. Yes,I know it is very strange,but your guestbook may work fine on other computer,I will go to library to test later then report the result to you. P.S. My ISP do cause strange problem,I can't post a new topic with my computer(this topic is posted by a library computer),but I can reply by "Fast REPLY"
  18. Hi turtle,I have the same problem with your guestbook(but only tested by my computer),but I also tested Lianna's guestbook,I have no problem with her guestbook,it is at http://stoverdatasystems.us/aguest ,what server do your guestbook in?
  19. A new way to test. After you post a comment,total record is increased by 1.Then you immediately open a new window and go to my guestbook,can you see that new record?
  20. turtle, This is not a bug,I tested it by the offical guestbook at proxy2.de,it is the same. And,do you know what thing caused my problem?
  21. turtle,do you mean these, AndyB and alan have proved they have no this problem.
  22. turtle,if I click the pull down menu,and sectect Guestbook,I can see the lastest record.(remember I can't see the lastest record even refresh the page,but now found I can see it by this method)
  23. But why I have no this problem with another adv.guestbook(same version) at www.proxy2.de?
  24. Thank you Head Guru. But I also tested the adv.guestbook at its offical homepage(www.proxy2.de),I have no this problem with that guestbook,I tested the two guestbook(same version) with the same computer and almost the same time.By the way,I'm in HK and using a HK ISP called HKnet.
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