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  1. Are you using a Time Warner Cable Road Runner e-mail account?
  2. I got this right out of my welcome email: ========================================== Email setup information - ========================================== Incoming Mail Server (POP3): mail.****** Outgoing Mail Server (SM): mail.****** *or* mail.your-isp.com Certain ISP's have taken steps to block the use of 3rd party SMTP Servers. This is known as Port 25 Blocking. If you are unable to send Email thru our servers, please check with your ISP to insure they are not blocking Port 25. TwelveMotion, I would try the "mail.your-isp.com" for the smtp server and see if that works. i.e. mine is smtp.chartermi.com
  3. Actually I've seen something like this before. One of the reasons I left my old host was that a couple of the sites I manage used Advanced Guestbook and we were having a similar issue. One day out of the blue when we would goto the guestbook, 1. it took an unusual amount of time to load 2. when it did load, the images and smilies and things were not there. Even after a refresh the smilies would not come back. For some crazy reason though if you clicked the link to sign the guestbook and then click the link to go back to the guestbook, they would load flawlessly. The rest of web site was not effected, including the images in the frame that housed the guestbook, they loaded fine while the ones in the guestbook failed. Even after countless uninstall/reinstall attempts the images would not show up on the first load. My old host told me it was due to overloaded servers and promised to look into it and never did. I know this doesn't provide solution, but if the message board you are using is Advanced Guestbook, you can at least know that someone else has seen a problem like this......sometimes that helps....helps me anyway. Sorry I couldn't be more help, good luck
  4. Opps, well there goes that idea, well hosting is cheap, I know this great place......oh wait...
  5. Hi Samrc, I have friends who have improved their sinus/allergy issues by using higher-end furnace filters ( and changing them often ). I guess this would only help if you are using a forced air heating system, but I thought I would share.
  6. I'm not sure but would a redirect on your domain account for www.mysite.com to your mysite.**** hosting account be a violation of any sorts Thomas?
  7. Hi nevamore, and welcome. I'm new to the forums too but I thought I would add to GroovyFish's comments above.......I've switched 3 domains to TCH recently and I'm not sure if it has anything to do with TCH, but all 3 propagated in record time. 1 in like 3 hours, and another in just 25 minutes! Anyway nevamore, as you can see, this is a great place for knowledge and good company, good choice ( no pun intended ) !
  8. Thomas, thanks for the welcome from abroad, it's good to be acknowledged. Joaquin
  9. Thanks Rob, and by the way, you look like Stephen King.
  10. Hi all, I'm geeked cuz this is my first post on TCH forums.....or maybe I'm just a geek. Anyway, I have read through this whole thread and did not see a mention of Advanced Guestbook. I believe the latest version is 2.3.1, is this "updated" enough?
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