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  1. Hi Bruce, Yes I am getting emails every 15 minutes but the cron job is running and doing the RSS update as it should. The email isn't an error of any sorts it just seems to be the setting of a cookie and, as you say, is coming from the script being run by the cron job: From: Cron Daemon [root@server##.snhdns.com] Set-Cookie: SESSe20e3593e2b2304c0e3b08489ff13539=b42b164f245a7280c21365f8ed4d1372; expires=Sun, 17 Aug 2008 21:33:22 GMT; path=/ Expires: Sun, 19 Nov 1978 05:00:00 GMT Last-Modified: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 18:00:02 GMT Cache-Control: store, no-cache, must-revalidate Cache-Control: post-check=0, pre-check=0 Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Drupal is one of the programs installed by cpanel and I've been to their support forum with no mention of turning these emails off. I can't even find in the code where the email is getting sent. I guess I'll have to keep looking, need the cron job but can't keep getting emails every 15 minutes.
  2. Thanks Bruce, any thoughts on the above question? Joaquin
  3. Hi Bruce, I have actually fixed it! I took a tip from the threads about setting up a cron job to auto backup through cpanel and just added "php" in front of the call to the cron.php file in the crontab and it's working perfectly now. php /home/username/public_html/news/cron.php I'm assuming it needed to know that the file it was going to execute was a PHP and that's why there were syntax errors because it didn't realize it was PHP. Thanks though! Another question though, can I just leave the field for an email address in the cron job section of cpanel blank if I don't want an email sent everytime the cron job executes?
  4. Hello all, I installed Drupal on one of our sites so that I could use its RSS aggregator to pull RSS feeds. Drupal requires a cron job to be setup to run cron.php in order to grab new RSS feeds regularly. I created the cron job to run every 15 minutes, and this part is working as I am getting an email about it every 15 minutes, however the email contains this error: /home/username/public_html/news/cron.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory /home/username/public_html/news/cron.php: line 3: include_once: command not found /home/username/public_html/news/cron.php: line 4: syntax error near unexpected token `DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_FULL' /home/username/public_html/news/cron.php: line 4: `drupal_bootstrap(DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_FULL);' "username" has been substituted for my actual username It seems as if the PHP code is not being interpreted at all. Drupal's site mentions that wget or lynx could be used to visit cron.php but from other threads it seemed that a call to that file in the crontab should work. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
  5. Hi Mike, thanks that worked like a charm. Any advice for restoring the WordPress part of it? Should I restore the database first or install WordPress and then restore the db?
  6. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a reseller's account here at TCH and am in the process of moving all the sites that were on our soon to be old dedicated server to my resellers account. Going smoothly so far but I have a question about cpanel access before the domain name gets pointed to the reseller account. I am trying to do a seamless transfer of a WordPress installation. The old server was a dedicated windows server that I had PHP and MySQL installed on and I had to install WordPress manually. So now I want to take a backup of the MySQL database on the old server and restore it to a database on the TCH account, hopefully install WordPress via Cpanel and have it read the newly restored database, make sure everything is working and then change the nameservers of the domain to point to TCH so that when the change happens the WordPress installation and content will be the same as on the old server. I dumped the database on the old server into a .sql file (text file with CREATE TABLE and INSERT INTO commands to recreate the database and data). The road block I'm hitting is that I don't know how to access the new site's cpanel account because the domain name hasn't yet been pointed to TCH yet so domain.com/cpanel won't work. I have also tried to login to the new account I have created for the new WordPress installation cpanel using the whm/root login just switching domains once in my main account's cpanel, but get messages when both trying to install WordPress and using PHPmyadmin saying that I can't because I am logged in as root and need to login as that account. However not knowing any other way to access a site's cpanel other than domain.com/cpanel I'm not sure how to do it. So is this possible? Or will I have to wait until the nameserver change takes place, and then access the cpanel of that site and hope it doesn't take me long so the site isn't down long?
  7. Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. I know, I know, seems like overkill but my boss is one of those guys who has to have the latest and greatest. Once he found out about RAID and found a company that puts it on laptops, he was hooked. I guess this laptop company is actually in Michigan but I had never heard of them, Mtech Laptops? Ever heard of them? http://www.mtechlaptops.com/specifications/mtechd900c.htm Ya he is aware it's not going to have more than an hour of battery, ordered a spare to go along with it and yes I guess it is fairly heavy as well. You know how it goes, there's no talking the boss out of what he thinks he wants lol!
  8. Hi there, My boss is getting a new laptop and is getting a RAID 5 configuration on it. For whatever reason he likes to partition his drive normally to have a partition for the OS and programs, one for data and another for a scratch drive. My question is, are you still able to partition the drive? From what I figure, since he is getting 3 identicle SATA 200gb drives and with RAID 5 this should reduce the disk space by one of the drives leaving a 400gb drive? Would he be able to partition this 400gb? (assuming my 400gb assumption is correct). Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks Bruce I will make the change, just wasn't sure if the email servers were included in this backup, thanks for the confirmation. Joaquin
  10. Thanks Bruce, that info is helpful as several of our sites will use databases. However I think we are not on the same page. I will be backing up our sites and databases to my office machine which is backed up to our server which is backed up to external drives from which a weekly offsite backup is kept. Our Outlook .PST files are also backed up to our server and so forth. I am trying to sell my boss on TCH. All I want to know is if I can truthfully convey the below statement to my boss: "TCH does backups every 12 hours of the web and email servers in case of a catastrophic system failure on their end."
  11. Thanks Thomas, I agree and am an advocate of regular backups, however I was more specifically asking about the daily ( or if I remember the announcement correctly, 12 hour) backups and want to confirm this as well as if it applies to just the web data or emails as well. Up until now I have just hosted personal sites with TCH but now am preparing a proposal to bring the 30+ sites my company hosts to TCH as well and am not sure if there is a central way to backup all these sites manually or not. ( I guess this is another question ) Joaquin
  12. What type of back up protection is given with a standard resellers account? Does this apply to email as well as web data?
  13. Wow, I have been away for a while and just logged on today and seen the In memory of graphic with his picture on it. I didn't know him other than some issues he helped me with but found his picture uplifting every time I seen it. My prayers are with his family.
  14. Thank you everyone, I have a lot of research to do. I really appreciate everyone's comments. I was just getting drowned in degree mills and what not and I really needed some real input, thanx again.
  15. I'd say if you want to find out, you need to find out at least these things: Is the school acredited? Does the the college/university near you recognize the credits from the online school? If the answer is no to either or both, I'd keep looking. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanx for the comments. But now I guess I have to ask, by whom is it good to be acredited by? Good thought about checking the transfer-ability of the credits though, thanx.
  16. I have heard of DeVry but only through advertisements, I will for sure check them out thanx.
  17. Hi everyone, going kinda off topic here, but I need some advice from professionals in the industry. I will graduate soon with 2 associate degrees and need to enter the work force asap, but I still want to maybe goto school online and get a full bachelors. What I would like is some input on online degrees and the "weight" they carry as well as some suggestions of reputable online schools, not degree mills, that are respected in the IT field I appreciate all input, thanx p.s. the degrees I do/will have are in programming and the other web design.
  18. Done.......I should write commercials.. "The online community (forums) are an endless supply of valuable information and help setting up and maintaining your account/site. You can find out info on hosting and just about everything else, even technical stuff. The moderators are just crazy helpful, jumping over themselves trying to help you. You need to come to Total Choice Hosting and be prepared to stay." Big thanx to everyone at TCH!
  19. Sounds like Carbonize has swallowed a few PHP books...Welcome to the forums and Rob......please email me the mod'd pages for version 2.3.1, your're the man in advance.
  20. As far as the image placeholder (red X). When I do a right click and 'properties' on it I get the following for the URL of the image: http://www.thejerm.org/iconss/.png seems to me it's pointing to ".png" and not a real file. Maybe I'm wrong though.
  21. Yeah Awstats is great. It does provide individual file stats as well as weekly, daily and hourly bandwidth consumption. Plus it gives you browser, country, robot/spider, visit duration, links from search engine, and referrer(sp?) stats and well as commonly used keywords/phrases used to find your site. And welcome to the forums!!
  22. Squirrel Mail does not support HTML email if that is important to you.
  23. You and your turtles Don......just like my gf with her frogs
  24. ahhhh, much better thanx Robert
  25. I'm embarassed for asking but...I noticed that the way posts were displayed to me on this forum has changed somehow. I used to be able to click a post and see that post and all the replies below it. Now I click a post and I see that post but the replies are just links under the original. How do I get it back to displaying the original post and all the replies at once? thanx
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