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  1. When you have GD thumbnailing images to 30kb on the fly (the 'reference' images being 200kb jpegs), when viewers load these dynamic thumbnails on the site, is it the resulting filesize of the thumbnail (30kb) that goes against the bandwith consumption -- or do they actually still account for 200kb per thumbnail?
  2. If I build a site as a subdomain on my current domain with TCH: http://mysite.****, and somewhere down the road, I decide that I now want http://mysite.**** to become http://www.mysite.com, how is this done without violating the policy? Do I have to get a brand new hosting account separately?
  3. Hey, I saw the whole new website a few minutes ago, but then it went away...
  4. Is it possible to change the graphics in a phpbb that I installed through cpanel, like that main logo on the top left? Can you also add custom HTML blocks, perhaps in the main page of the board that users log into? Or is all of this done manually by editing the .php files?
  5. The IP is 66.235.. which one is that?
  6. Is the server timezone in the west coast? That would be 5 hours earlier than Eastern time right?
  7. Yeah it's possible, check out: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=3913 Look for "netsol"
  8. Thanks for the tip Don, I'll give it a try
  9. I guess this was a rare deal..? haha Well I found a solution. The latest version of TurboFTP has a synchronization feature, which will allow you to synchronize a local folder with a remote folder on your FTP account, only updating files that need to be updated. Works like a charm.
  10. I want to know if I can configure an include_path, so that I can store some php includes in there (for my shared function libraries) -- I want the functionality of "include_path" in the php.ini I'm guessing this can't be done since it's a shared server? Please advise
  11. Btw, when you set forwarding such as: this@domain.com - forwards to -> that@domain.com Does this@domain.com have to exist as a physical created account first?
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