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  1. I haven't touched my website for like... a year. I would like to cancel it. You guys have done a great job this last 5 or whatever years, but I just stopped doing anything with it. I went to the cancelation place and it asked me for my CPanel User name and password. I don't remember either, and I don't remember how to look them up. Or if someone could direct me to the quickest and simplest way of canceling my hosting plan, I would appreciate it a bunch
  2. I used to go here to visit my cPanel (I have it bookmarked) http://www.virtualalex.com:2082/frontend/x/index.html Now when I go there I get an error "Not Found." Is it some kind of server issue or has my cPanel moved to a new address? How do I access it?
  3. My website www.virtualalex.com is down again because I didn't re-register the domain name. The problem is, just like last year, I forgot what website I went through to register the name. Is there a way someone could help me figure it out?
  4. I am not sure if that halps me or not either. I looked at the settings groovyfish posted but for FTP host she has listed FTP . MyDomain . com and my FTP host is "" should I change it to something else? How did it get changed in the first place?
  5. I use Dreamweaver to build my site. Last night I tried to synchronize an update and the synch took about 30 second and then said cannot connect because the server is either down or not accepting connections. I thought maybe it was just a minor issue and went to bed. I just tried it again today and I got the same problem. I am not even sure what information you guys need. But my internet is working fine, I haven't changed my settings in Dreamweaver for years, and I have updated my website last week with no problems. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Well ok, I am not attached to phpBB or anything. SMF sounds fine, does it have themes and stuff?
  7. I had a forum that I made a long time ago, but now the CPanel is different and I am having some trouble working it. How do I get a phpBB forum now?
  8. I would like some instructions for changing the skin of my website without ruinging all posts, post counts and avatars of members. Where do I put all the files and stuff?
  9. Many months ago 10+ I spent about two days, and alot of help desk stuff, trying to get my simple phpbb forum to use the "DefconBlue" skin. I got it working and everything worked fine, until today. Now my forum has reverted to SubSilver and Defcon Blue is no longer a selectable skin. I have done nothing out of the ordinary on my site, and all the defcon blue files are still in the right folders... at least as far as I can tell. I am the only one that uses my computer and I didn't touch them. I ran a search, and sure enough I found about a hundred defconblue files all in various folders in my website folder. So... I know this is pretty vague, but do you have any ideas, or want me to give you more info? --- here is some more info. On my home folder virtualalex/forums/templates there is a template folder called DefconBlue and it is full of files. On the remote side in forums/templates there is also a defconblue folder also full of files. I have don't nothing strange at all, so why isn't it showing up as a selectable skin? and why did it revert? Do you admin guys have the power to like... look into my remote folder and make sure I am not missing some vital files? Or is this a help desk thing?
  10. It's been almost a year and I totally forgot where I got my domain name. Also I have changed e-mails several times since then so those accounts all have 600+ junk mails I don't want to sift through. Do you guys know where I got it by some chance? My URL is www.virtualalex.com.
  11. Oh yeah sorry. I am using phpbb forums, the ones I got from my cPanel. I already downloaded a nice avatar package. I would like to make them the only ones people can use.
  12. I have 2 questions that are lightly related. 1. Can I assign avatars similar to the way I have mini-titles for members. For examples all members with 1-10 posts have the title of "noob" and have an avatar that means "noob" if you will. 2. Can I dissallow avatars, except ones that I have premade? And how would I go about making my own pallate of avaatars?
  13. I got an e-mail that says I need to update my PHP forum. I installed it through Cpanel, but now I can't figure out how to upgrade it from Cpanel. Can someone please help me navigate?
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