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  1. Hi, and thanks for your answer! Would testing strlen replace isset? In other words (plain language here) if strlen > 0 include the file...?
  2. I'm trying to include a PHP file based on whether a variable is set or not. In it's simplest, here's the code I'm trying to use (and I've tried ALL KINDS of things besides this): if (isset($xyz)) { echo $xyz; include("directory/file.php"); } The variable (selected on not selected) is set in a form that then passes that session variable to my script. The session variable is being passed, as it's being echoed on the subsequent page. However, no matter what I do, the include file is ALWAYS displayed, whether the variable is set or not. Any ideas if I'm doing something wrong? From
  3. Hi everyone, I checked the forums for an answer but didn't see anything. I customized a WordPress template, etc., along with additional plug-ins, etc., and I've done a complete backup of the site. I'd like to use the same design and plug-ins for a different site. I saw during the backup process that I can use the archive file to move the installation to another server (still TCH!!! ), but I'm not sure how to do that. Can anyone advise? Short of that, is there a way I can "swap" server space for two of my domains? In other words, can I assign the existing account (and WP installation)
  4. Sounds good -- thanks Bruce! FYI, I'm not actually planning to run once a minute of course, and I have a feeling what I plan to do is quick and easy, but I'll submit a ticket once I'm closer to trying out what I'm thinking of. Dave
  5. Hi everyone, I've got an idea for a site that would run Cron jobs fairly frequently. However, I don't want to try my idea if it would cause problems (overloading?) on the server, since I'm on a shared server. So my question is, how often is "safe" to run a Cron job? I see I can run as often as one minute (which I've done for short stretches while testing), but I don't know if it's a good idea to run that often 24/7. Any thoughts on that? Dave davidabarak [at] gmail.com
  6. Thanks everyone! Cron jobs are going to make things MUCH easier for me. : )
  7. Okay, potentially dumb question time. First, is this the right place for a simple question about Cron jobs? Second (if the answer to the first is yes), can I run any PHP script using Cron, or is it limited to running Cpanel backups? Thanks for any help! Dave
  8. Thanks Bruce! (And thanks for getting the post into the correct forum.) For the most part, our users will be using various email clients -- Outlook and Netscape's email client are the two I can think of offhand. Maybe occasional web-based email, but not often. Dave
  9. Hello, I'm setting up web hosting for my employer, switching our hosting from a terrible company, run by a bunch of yahoos, that will remain nameless. One feature of that hosting, though, was simple management of spam. My boss, the president of our company, needs things to be simple, so I want to give the most simple set of instructions for dealing with spam that I can. We haven't moved our domain name over yet, so I'm only working with our master email account at this point. I've enabled Spam Assassin and Spam Box, but I'm a bit unclear as to the use of Spam Box. Is there one
  10. Got it -- thanks Bruce and Mike!
  11. Helloooooooooooo, I tried a few test downloads of raw log files, and saw that they download as zipped .com files. The files have a file size of zero. I'm assuming this is because we don't have our domain pointing to the server yet? With our current hosting provider, who shall remain nameless, we get plain text .log files, a new one created each day, that we analyze with WebLog expert. Do you know if we'll eventually end up with plain text files? And will they need to be processed in some way before analysis? (Changing file extension, etc.) Dave
  12. Thanks Bruce! I checked out NeoMail (I think I've used it before) and Horde, and it looks like I can switch back and forth as desired. I'll give SquirrelMail a test drive too.
  13. Good question at this point. Most of our email is handled in the office, but I'll ask around and see if anyone would miss that feature. Thanks!
  14. Any customers out there have preferences about the three provided web-based email systems? Our company is moving our hosting to TCH, and I'd like to make a recommendation to our employees. Thanks, Dave
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