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  1. less than 8 hours for the East Coasters now (less than three hours left of the day in GMT, which is what times the board is displaying!)... C'mon, Bill! Hit us up with the joyous news!!!
  2. /sneaks in like a ninja and peers over Bill's shoulder at the super secret announcement memo!
  3. *looks around* Is it time yet, Bill?
  4. Bill just wanted to wait 'til we hit 35 posts in the topic...
  5. That is er... Fantastic(o)!!! Need I mention that, now, as always
  6. Thanks, David, tried that earlier as well and no luck... comes up 'Unable to create a zip file from this binary' and also provides some debug info including error output which says: Error Output: sh: /usr/bin/zip: No such file or directory Status: 127 (expected 0)
  7. Thought it may've been /usr/local/bin/zip or perhaps sbin or somesuch but Gallery 2.0 says uh-uh. Anyone help? Thanks in advance!
  8. I've tried using this syntax and I get an email with a 1045 (password error)... any thoughts?
  9. good to have you here, welcome home!
  10. Been here a year also and what can I say? as a sidenote the longest I have waitied for a ticket to be resolved in recent memory was 20-some minutes. and of the last three only one was over 9 minutes. Rock Sign
  11. Rock Sign -- did I mention that? Yeah, I think I did. Referred 10 other people here now and they are all happy, too. TCH rocks and when they stumble, they do right by you. I have used half a dozen other companies for hosting and there is not one I would put above TCH. Rock on, family!
  12. I'm not entirely certain that I understand what you are doing, but presently I am running a blog on a subdomain at tch and the subdomain isn't even where the mt files are installed. If I can be of any help go ahead and post again. Do you do work for IN.org btw? I work with dharmapop and Stuart Davis so I've spent a lot of time going through IN. Even drove out to Boulder last year for a gathering at which Ken spoke. Fun stuff.
  13. man i need to watch the boards more closely
  14. I use gAIM on my Linux box and trillian on my windows box.
  15. I just submitted one I'm also referring two more people to TCH. -Damon Rock Sign Thumbs Up
  16. wow how did i miss that? lol... thanks
  17. does anyone have a copy of the hosting plans info i could eyeball? I was trying to refer another friend (i know if i keep doing that i can fill another datacenter lol) and i couldn't be sure i was giving him correct info. I know i'm pretty close but... Grats to TCH on maintaining spectacular service in the face of unbelievable growth. You deserve the success and I will do my part and keep sending folks your way. Rock Sign Thumbs Up
  18. aye Happy Holidays to the whole TCH family, staff and users!
  19. Thank you to TCH for what has been the most wonderful hosting experience I have ever had (and I've been trying different hosts for oh... almost 7 years now). You folks are without a doubt the most knowledgable, on the ball, and out and out cool hosting company ever. Thanks, happy holidays and here's to many more years of TCH! Rock Sign
  20. to the head guru and all the non head gurus at tch. thanks for continuing to make this the best hosting company i have ever been with. :hug:
  21. so has there been a decision on whether those of us who have it can keep it? admittedly I don't use it a ton, but its fun to ssh in and edit a couple of things/optimize sql tables because it conveniently looks like work instead of goofing off
  22. yeah but I meant to ditch netsol this time around, plus if it y'all get any kickback from it, then thats even better. you folks are truly the best and I want to support in any way that I can. TCH Rocks
  23. how could I ditch NetSol and use whoever TCH is using? I'm feeling braindead today...
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