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  1. I have waited 2 months to post my opinion on the TCH hosting service, since I have fallen victim in the past to user reviews written hastily after only a few days of using a new host. It is fairly easy for a hosting company to give a good first impression, (in fact they would be dead-in-the-water pretty quick, if they didn't do at least that much) but much harder to back that up with genuine Quality of Service on a longer term. My criteria for judging hosting companies is very simple: The servers must be up! When I (or more importantly my clients and my clients' customers) try to access the server, the damn machine better be operational better than 99% of the time. Everything else is negotiable. Of course everybody makes the 99% claim, but my last experience (after being forced to switch from a provider I had been with for 6 years) was a disaster. In 3 months it almost destoyed my business. Constant, almost daily server outages and no warnings for maintenance outages ensured that my mailbox was full of complaints (many very, very angry) from my clients, many of whom had been with me for years. My credibility will take years to recover. Bear in mind that this was a company with a responsive, friendly tech-support team, servers at NAC, and a software package to rival anybody. On the surface, a first-rate operation. If I had reviewed them after the first week, it would have been glowing and many people may have been fooled into signing-up. Thankfully, I didn't and now after a long and painfull transfer of all my domains to TotalChoice, I am on the road to recovery. Total Choice is the real deal. In 2 months, I have not detected a server outage. Their up-time statistics at Hosting Assured give credence to my informal observations. This, as they say, is GOLD. The reasons for this incredible reliablity are many, I will not attempt to describe them all here, but a couple come immediately to mind: 1) Harware - when you use enterprise-class servers like Total Choice does (the machine I am on is a Quad XEON) as opposed to the desk-top grade machines many companies use, you're going to have better reliability. 2) Redundancy - That Total Choice uses multiple NOCs is well described on their website. What is less obvious, but much more important, is HOW they leverage this redundancy to the benefit of their cusotmers. Case in point, I have 2 name servers at Total Choice. Each name server is at a seperate NOC! This means that if an entire NOC experienced a catastrophic failure, my customer's domain names would still be resolvable! 3) A technical team that cares - Take one glance at the Total Choice forums and it's obvious that they have an in-house team of technical gurus that really give a shit about the company and their custmers. Compare that to the off-shore support farms many hosting companies use, and it's obvious where you're going to get better service. When I saw the team's avitars and read their responses to customer inquiries, I was hooked. It's damn near impossible to fake, and TCH sure ain't faking anything. These guys are for real. In closing I would like to give my unqualified recommendation for web developers and resellers everywhere, to use Total Choice Hosting. I do not give this recommendation lightly. I know how devastating it can be for a small web-development company to pick the wrong host. I made that mistake and I have the grey hairs to prove it. Total Choice Hosting is the REAL DEAL. Jason Stevens http://stevenssolutions.com Calgary, Canada
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