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  1. hi, i recently bought a domain name and i want to point it to my TotalChoiceHosting. i originally setup my TCH hosting to a different domain, and i want to change it to a new domain. how do i go about it? i appreciate the help. thanks.
  2. hi, it's been a few days now since i last posted a detailed description of my technical issue. i haven't received a response since then. does this mean this technical issue has no known solution at this time? thanks. i appreciate all the help.
  3. ok. i think i need to backtrack... i restored the MT CGI to its original CGIPath which is "http://99.99.999.999/~user/cgi-bin/mt/" - we've setup a subdomain to point to http://99.99.999.999/~user/ (note: there's NO domain associated with the TCH site where MT and the blogs will be hosted.) - i created a Testblog with the following path: Local Site Path: /home/user/public_html/testblog Site URL: http://journals.integralnaked.org/testblog Local Archive path: /home/user/public_html/testblog/archives Archive URL: http://journals.integralnaked.org/testblog/archives/ - rebuilt all files - but blogsite is rendered as if MT can't find the CSS files. see http://journals.integralnaked.org/testblog but then if i try referencing http://journals.integralnaked.org/testblog/styles-site.css then the CSS is displayed. is the problem caused by the fact that MT is installed in a host without a domain and we're trying to map a subdomain from another domain that is hosted somewhere else? will this problem be solved by just getting a new domain pointed to the TCH site? again, to sum it up, here's what i'm trying to do: 1) run an MT installation/blogsite on a different server/host (on TCH) without an assigned domain name 2) create a subdomain from another registrar (in which the domain is hosted on a different server) and point (spoof) it to the MT installation (on TCH) 3) have MT up and running (on TCH) while generating the permalinks using the subdomain. i appreciate the help. thanks.
  4. done that. but the problem is we really don't have an actual domain for the host. we're trying to point a subdomain from another registrar and mask the IP address hosted on TCH. is this possible for MT? the problem is everytime i try to change the CGI path using the "http://subdomain.domain.org/cgi-bin/mt" MT can't find the config file for some reason.
  5. drats. still having problems. here's what i've done so far: - created subdomain - changed the MT.CFG "CGIPath http://subdomain.domain.org/cgi-bin/mt/" but i'm getting this error everytime i login to MT. "Not Found The requested URL /cgi-bin/mt/mt.cgi was not found on this server." any steps i'm missing?
  6. i just created a subdomain from CPANEL. i'll try out your suggestion. i hope this works i'll be back if it doesn't
  7. yes i am a TCH customer. i have hosting plan but the domain is on a different registrar. yes i do have access to Cpanel... i'm just not that familiar with website maintenance. so should i just define a subdomain and move the cgi directory? i'm just being careful in screwing up my MT installation especially right now that they have MT v3.0
  8. oh, that's not good news. we don't actually have a dedicated domain for the hosted site. we're trying to spoof the URL so that the permlinks will make use of the subdomain's address. e.g. http://subdomain.domain.org/published_pages.html but everytime i change the Weblog config using the subdomain URL, the published pages can't seem to find the .CSS file. i thought it was easy to use subdomain with MT. is there a solution to this?
  9. ok, that's it. it's still not working. i modified MT.CFG to use make use of the subdomain: CGIPath http://subdomain.domain.org/cgi-bin/mt but MT is reporting that it can't find the configuration file. "The requested URL /cgi-bin/mt/mt.cgi was not found on this server." is there a step i'm missing? do i have to modify any CGI files? i didn't think it would this hard. i appreciate the help.
  10. Lisa and Mike, do'h! the problem for the images is because i accidentally enabled "Hotlink"... but i did that hours ago and it only took effect now. anyway, i've disabled it and the images are displaying again. but still i'm waiting for the propagation of our subdomain before trying Mike's solution. i will open up again the templates issue if it still doesn't work. thank you very much to both of you for your quick reply.
  11. thanks. i'll try this tomorrow since the subdomain i'm using is stil currently propagating to point to the root directory instead. however, an odd thing just happened: i closed my browser without logging out of cpanel because i needed to reboot my machine. after rebooting when i returned to my MT logon screen all the graphics/icons/headers are not displaying. i didn't touch the MT config file and StaticWebPath is pointing correctly outside the cgi-bin. StaticWebPath /~buwgdxal/mt-static/ what the heck could've happened? help would be much appreciated.
  12. thanks for the quick reply. yeah i modified the weblog config using the new subdomain. no i didn't touch the MT config file. what should i change there? and yup i've rebuilt all the files. do you think it has something to do with me pointing the subdomain to a directory in the host instead of the root directory of my account? i doubt it's the problem. thanks! i appreciate all the help.
  13. hi, a few weeks ago i've installed MT on a host without a domain. so the blog config makes use of the actual IP address and user name: e.g. site URL = http://99.99.999.999/~username/blogdir/blog then a few weeks later i setup a "subdomain" to point to the blog; e.g. http://subdomain.domain.org = http://99.99.999.999/~username/blogdir/ then i changed the blog config to make use of the subdomain; e.g. site URL= http://subdomain.domain.org/blog THE PROBLEM? the published version of the blog is behaving like it can't find the templates and the page rendering are all screwed up. i tried reading the MT manual but i can't find the answer. can someone help me to figure it out? - is it because i didn't point the subdomain to the "root-directory" of the host? - or is it all about MT configuration? i appreciate the help. thank you very much.
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